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There are so many long-distance moving firms to pick from that beginning your search may feel daunting. Fortunately, aid is available. Movingfeedback.com has evaluated the most reputable firms.

Our analysis highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each firm, describes the variety of available services and offers guidance on how to choose the finest moving company for your planned relocation.

Moving is a difficult and stressful process. Long-distance or cross-country moves might make things much more challenging. There are numerous duties to accomplish, ranging from sorting and packing to transporting and storing.

1. International Van Lines


International Van Lines was created in 2000 as a domestic and international transportation firm. International Van Lines is the finest overall full-service mover due to its transparent pricing, four options for insurance coverage, and free cancellation up to 48 hours before your move.

IVL offers packing and unpacking services, loading and unloading services, automobile transportation, and specialized services for fragile objects like antiques and pianos. International Van Lines is suitable for clients that desire a full-service moving business.

2. Two Men And a Truck

two men and a truck

Two men and a truck In the 1980s, two brothers used a pickup truck for after-school moving chores. Today, the company has over 39 franchises and 3,000 trucks around the nation.

Two Men and a Truck offers a variety of moving services, including loading and unloading as well as full-service relocation. Additionally, the organization offers packing services, trash removal, and storage. Two Men in a Truck is available for local and long-distance travel in around 30 states.

Two Men and a Truck, unlike most moving firms, also perform residential moves. This implies you can contact them if you need assistance moving large objects while changing your home’s furniture. These concerned movers provide an abundance of community work.

3. Interstate Moving & Relocation Group


Interstate Moving & Relocation Group (IMRG) is a broker, which means it connects consumers to independent movers within its network as opposed to offering moving services directly; hence, it may assist you to choose a dependable mover without requiring you to conduct extensive research. On IMRG’s website, you may fill out a handy online inventory form.

IMRG will provide you with firm information, an estimate, and a moving contract through email. If you are satisfied with the price, you may sign the contract digitally and schedule your relocation without ever having to make a phone call. If you wish to negotiate a cheaper moving fee, you can contact IMRG by phone, and the business can assist you with the negotiation process.

4. United Van Lines


United Van Lines is a key player in the moving services market. The company has maintained a high level of efficiency and client satisfaction for more than a decade.

United Van Lines gradually become a one-stop shop for all long-distance moving requirements. On its MyUnited Move Portal, you may obtain estimates, and establish checklists, and weekly schedules, among other things. To prevent walk-throughs, virtual surveys and video estimates are also available. Lastly, its add-ons and customizable packages make it simple to personalize your move with a few clicks.

5. iMoving


iMoving is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced long-distance movers and provides an exceptional experience overall. It includes a secure customer platform that allows you to establish an inventory planner and enter all the pertinent information regarding your relocation.

iMoving also provides consumers with binding quotations via its online platform and assists them in scheduling their relocation, making safe payments, and more. If you need to postpone your relocation for any reason, iMoving will not transmit your payment to the carrier; the moving business will not be paid until they have relocated your items successfully.

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What Services Do Long-Distance Moving Companies Offer in 2022?

  • Some moving companies offer local, interstate, and worldwide services through collaborations with international companies. Likewise, some offer local moving services.
  • Information and unique services to Many movers offer online resources and tools for organizing your move, making checklists, and tracking your shipment in real-time, among other things.
  • There are both short-term and long-term storage solutions available. Fortunately, several movers also provide storage options.
  • Boxes, packing, and unpacking: Sorting your possessions into boxes and unloading them at the other end is a lot of effort, and now some firms will do it for you.
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