Lisa Shaw Cause Of Death
Lisa Shaw Cause Of Death

Lisa Shaw Cause Of Death: What Did Lisa Shaw Die Of?

Lisa Shaw was a presenter for BBC Radio Newcastle and was born in County Durham. She studied at Bournemouth University, before starting her career with Metro Radio back in 1997. The 44-year old became well known as the breakfast host on Real Radio North East from 2010 to 2013, then she joined Heart FM until 2016 when she left to join BBC Leeds 96FM once again!

BBC Radio Newcastle’s acting executive editor Rik Martin said:

“She was a trusted colleague, a brilliant presenter, a wonderful friend, and a loving wife and mum.

“She loved being on the radio and was loved by our audiences.

“We’ve lost someone special who meant a great deal to a great many people.”

Lisa Shaw Husband (Married Life)

Lisa married Gareth Eve, a man who also has a stealthy radio career. Together they have two sons and Lisa is the Creative Director for WriteSound Creative where she produces commercials. The couple loves to encourage their children’s creativity by supporting them during lockdown periods like we are in now as well!

What Did Lisa Shaw Die Of?

The family of Lisa, a well-known member in the community who passed away recently after battling cancer for only three months. Her death left her friends and relatives deeply saddened to see such an amazing person go so soon.

“We are all completely heartbroken, in disbelief, numb, and saddened, that there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that will never, ever be filled,” they said.

What do Lisa Shaw’s Family members say About Her?

We are so grateful for the time that we have had with her, and there are so many happy memories that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.

“She was the best wife and mammy, sister, daughter, aunty, friend and colleague that anyone could hope for.

“She loved connecting every day with the wonderful people of the North East, and it gives us great comfort to know how many lives she was an integral part of every single day.”


Sadly, Lisa Shaw passed away on Friday morning. Her death comes as a shock to many in BBC Radio Newcastle and her family. We’ll share more details about what happened and also knowing Lisa Shaw cause of death.

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