Licki Brush Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to PDX Pet Design after Shark Tank?

licki brush shark tank

What Is Pdx Pet Design All About?

PDX Pet Design is a range of pet products aimed at making your pet’s life simpler. The Shru, an intelligent, interactive cat toy companion that mimics a little animal and performs in numerous play modes to keep your cat engaged, is one of their products.

licki brush shark tank

Jason and Tara O’Mara, the husband-and-wife duo behind PDX Pet Design, created two toys that cats would like. Jason, a designer, and Tara, a project manager, were both cat enthusiasts. They met online, married, and quickly started a family.

Jason and Tara learned that balancing their full-time jobs with their parental obligations was challenging after three cats.

Who Is the Founder of Pdx Pet Design?

licki brush shark tank

Jason and Tara O’Hara, the Husband and Wife Duo Behind Pdx Pet Design, Came up With Two Toys that Would Appeal to Cats. It Didn’t Take Them Long to Come up With the Idea for The Shru, Their Clever Cat Companion.

The O’maras Got Their Firm Off the Ground with A Successful Kickstarter Campaign that Brought in $170,779. the Crowd-Funding Community Loved the Egg-Shaped Electronic Toy with The Feathery Tail (and Their Cats).

It Appears to Occupy Cats for Several Hours. the O’maras Began Distributing More than 5,000 She Us in The Fall of 2016, at A Cost of $98 Per.

Another Item in The Works Is the Licki Brush, Which Is Now Available for “pre-Order.” the Licki Brush Is a Brush that Looks Like a Cat’s Licki. This Allows People to Join in The Social Activity of Licking and Grooming, Which Cats Consider to Be the Domain of Larger Cats.

What Happened to Pdx Pet Design at Shark Tank Pitch?

Tara and Jason O’Hara Pitch Their Cat Toy Firm, Pdx Pet Design, to The Sharks in Shark Tank Episode 813. They’re Seeking A Shark to Help Them Promote and Distribute Their Product. Tara and Jason Appear on Shark Tank with The Hopes of Receiving $300,000 in Return for A 15% Ownership in Their $2 Million Company.

The Cat-Loving Couple’s Objective Is to “improve Your Bond with Your Cat While Expanding Your Cat’s Lifestyle,” According to Them. They Display the Shru as Well as The Licki Brush. the Sharks Are Amused, and They Laugh out Loud. Robert Tries out The Licki Brush While the Other Sharks Laugh.

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They’ve Sold Shru Brushes Worth $250,000 and Licki Brushes Worth $52,000. Kevin Laughs at The $2 Million Price Tag. The Other Sharks Are Worried as Well, and They’re All Leaving One by One. Finally, the Couple Walked Away from The Pitch without A Contract.

What Happened to Pdx Pet Design After Shark Tank?

licki brush shark tank

After the Episode Aired and The Couple Left the Pitch without A Contract, They Went on To Make a Lot of Sales, and Their Company Is Still Going Strong.

While Running the Company, Tara and Jason Continue to Maintain Full-Time Jobs. While They Aren’t Generating as Much Money on Shark Tank as They Had Intended, Their Products Are Well-Liked by Cat Owners.

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The Company Was Included on The Shark Tank Worst of All Time Special in The Category of “worst Pitch Fails” in February 2020. as Of January 2022, the Firm Is Still in Existence.

Net Worth of Pdx Pet Design:

During and After the Pitch, the Firm Was Valued at $2 Million. Since then, the Firm Has Continued to Function since January 2022, and Its Net Value May Improved.

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