Liberate Shark Tank Update 2022: Mental Fitness Meditation App Pitches Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank!

What Is Liberate Studio?

Liberate is the world’s first mental fitness studio. The virtual workshops and seminars offered by Liberate are designed to help teams and individuals reduce stress and increase joy. Participants engage in a series of mindfulness practises that develop a calm, connection, and confidence throughout each session.

Liberate was created by Olivia Bowser. She earned a marketing degree from Syracuse University, which led to a number of positions in the digital marketing industry, including at Foodstirs, a company that makes nutritional snacks and meal packages.

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Olivia remarked on the Live Your Personal Best show that she was inspired to launch Liberate after noticing that there were numerous tools for physical exercise but few for mental wellbeing.

Who Is the Founder of Liberate Studio?

Liberate was founded by Olivia Bowser. She started the firm in May 2020, amid the global Covid-19 shutdowns, as a way to deal with the mental health issues she and many others were experiencing as a result of their isolation.

Shark Tank Update from Liberate Studio:

Bowser, like a lot of other people, is a fitness freak. She went to the gym six days a week, but she wanted to improve her “mental fitness.” She noticed that doing yoga and meditating helped her mental health, so she decided to combine her favourite aspects of exercise classes with “mental fitness regimens.”

With her extensive expertise in digital marketing and other skills, she set out to create a virtual mental fitness studio. The eventual result was liberation. It consists of a series of 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute sessions that address a variety of mental health topics. Classes address themes including confidence building, resilience, meditation, and more.

If you are unable to attend in person, classes are either live or recorded. Textual materials are also accessible for topics such as journaling. Classes are led by Olivia, a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor, as well as four other competent instructors.

On Zoom, live lessons are held twice a week, and videos are available on the internet. At least four new classes are offered each week. The cost is $19 each month or $99 for the whole year.

What Happened to Liberate Studio at Shark Tank Pitch?

Olivia Bowser seeks investment in Liberate, her mental training centre, on Shark Tank episode 1311. She wants a Shark to help her broaden the scope of her programme. Olivia went on Shark Tank with the hopes of receiving $200,000 in return for a 10% ownership in her $2 million corporations.

As she unpacks a yoga mat and a notebook, she promises them the best workout of their lives. She speaks about the firm as well as the lessons. Kevin worries if she’s starting a cult and how he’ll make money from all of this. She explains the subscription model and states that the B2B sector accounts for 65 per cent of her overall revenue. Her total lifetime sales are $50,000.

Olivia states that the firm’s profits are over 90% and that the company is expanding at a pace of 178 per cent from quarter to quarter while building a scalable system, employees, and curriculum when Robert questions the value. Sales during the previous month were barely $7500. Robert believes that she is unable to scale her company venture and that it is too low-cost.

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Mark states that the Mavericks employ a full-time team psychologist, so he believes in her business; nonetheless, she fails to scale it properly, and he is fired. Robert thinks it’s too early for her, and he’s leaving. She states unequivocally that she will not go without a contract.

Daymond likes what she’s doing, but he’s out as well because she hasn’t figured it out yet. Lori says she’s out because she’s at a moment where she’s figuring out what she’s doing as the other Sharks chant her name. Kevin informs her that it’s approaching zero and that she should shoot it behind the barn; he’s gone. Olivia finally walked away from the pitch without a contract.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Liberate Studio?

The firm is still operational as of January 2022, with $50,000 in lifetime sales, after the show aired and Olivia fled the pitch with no agreement.

Liberate Studio’s Net Worth :

The firm was valued at $2 million before and after the pitch, and it has been functioning since then, with $50,000 in lifetime sales as of January 2022.

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