Levi Roots Net Worth: A British-Jamaican Chef Income, Career, Personal Life and Other Updates!

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Keith Valentine Graham is the legal name used by Levi Roots. He self-identified as a British-Jamaican singer, chef, writer, television host, and businessman. He is regarded as a Caribbean tastemaker.

The wealthiest Caribbean chef in the world, he is. Levi Roots, a well-known Rastafarian singer, on the other hand, feels that food may become a complete meal when combined with music and his unique Reggae Reggae Sauce.

When Nelson Mandela turned 90, Levi, a close friend of Bob Marley’s, sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” for him.

Early Years

Levi Roots was born on June 24th, 1958 in Clarendon, Jamaica. Eleven years old Levi Roots with his family relocated to England

His parents brought him up in a Christian home, but at the age of 22, he turned away from Christianity. Levi Roots has a good education. He graduated from a private college after completing his education there.


By opening a franchise restaurant with a wide variety of Caribbean cuisine, especially in light of his steady growth, in Levi Roots’ musical career. After receiving a $50,000 investment from Dragons’ Den titans Richard Farleigh and Peter Jones, he exceeded everyone’s expectations.

levi roots sauce

Levi made the most of his notoriety. His first, the Papine Jerk Centre, had its doors open in 2010 and was situated in Clapham Junction’s Battersea neighborhood’s Winstanley Estate.

After joining forces with The Restaurant Group, his only restaurant is a fast-food kitchen delivery service. Uber Eats, presently runs in 12 locations across the UK. Levi introduced his Reggaenaise product, keeping in mind the Mayonnaise fans.

2008 saw the publication of Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Cookbook. Peter Jones, one of the Roots’ investors, wrote the foreword. Roots describe his journey to London and provide instructions on making Caribbean cuisine in the book.

He has additionally been on the TV shows Big Brother and Celebrity Mastermind.

Net Worth

Levi Roots’s net worth has been determined to be a stunning $45 Million.

In the UK, there was a very well-known television program called Dragons Den. Participant Levi Roots drew notice to his Reggae Reggae sauce from nearly the entire United Kingdom.

Personal Life

The public has never been able to get a clear picture of Levi Roots’ private life. He has eight children with seven different women. But when two of his children confronted him about not paying child support, everything changed. He was also accused of denying himself luxury.


His daughters, Sharlene Williams and Joanne Caesar contributed to his success. He received assistance from them in his restaurants, and they even produced the backing vocals for a few of his music commercials. Sadly, once his fame began to spread, they stopped hearing from him.

his son Danai, his wife Leya, and his family reside in the USA. Unlike the accounts his daughters offered, they all appeared content and close.


Levi continues to reside in a two-bedroom Brixton, South London apartment despite his fame and wealth. He doesn’t think that most famous people should acquire pricey homes after being successful and well-known. Additionally, Levi believes that while he is present, he can inspire and support the street kids worldwide.


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