Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday: 6 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

One of the known actors in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, has turned 46 today. The actor has gained a lot of popularity over a couple of decades, from a challenged teenager in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993 to an Oscar-winning performance in The Revenant 2015.

Other than being an actor, he is also an environmentalist. His foundation collaborated with Emerson Collective, Earth Alliance, and Global Wildlife Conservation to focus on the threats related to loss of biodiversity and climate change.

They have worked globally to focus on significant issues like the protection of ecosystems and wildlife, climate justice, and other significant problems.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor has worked really well in a riveting documentary made in 2016 named Before The Flood. The documentary dealt with the issue of the Climate Crisis.

Some of the 6 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Titanic

Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio
Titanic – Leonardo DiCaprio

It is an all-time classic romantic movie which was made in 1997. He gained immense appreciation and popularity among the viewers due to his role in the movie. Directed by James Cameron, Titanic won ten academy awards.

2. The Departed

The Departed - Leonardo DiCaprio
The Departed – Leonardo DiCaprio

This movie is a mafia based film. It is a story about an undercover cop and a corrupt cop. Both the cops say that the other one is the corrupt one and is linked to an Irish mob. The movie won an Oscar award for the best picture at 79th Academy Awards.

3. Inception

Inception - Leonardo DiCaprio
Inception – Leonardo DiCaprio

This 2010 movie is directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is about the story of a thief who steals corporate secrets through dream-sharing technology. The movie takes an unexpected turn as he is given the task of planting an idea into the CEO’s mind.

4. Django Unchained

Django Unchained – Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a white slave owner named Calvin Candie. The film is shot in the 19th-century era in America. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the movie is a typical Wild West movie. The movie is about Bounty Hunters, slaves, and Plantation owners.

5. The Wolf Of Wall Streets

The Wolf Of Wall Street - Leonardo DiCaprio
The Wolf Of Wall Street – Leonardo DiCaprio

Playing the role of an obsessive Wall Street broker who hoodwinks people and builds an empire in the movie. He was the top bet in 2014 to win an Oscar for his role in the movie. The film is based on the real-life story of Jordan Belfort, From his rise to a wealthy broker living a ravish life to his downfall, which includes crime, corruption, and the federal government. The movie was well-liked by all the viewers and was disappointed when he did not win an Oscar for his outstanding performance.

6. The Revenant

The Revenant - Leonardo DiCaprio
The Revenant – Leonardo DiCaprio

It is about a difficult journey of a frontiersman who used to go on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s. After being attacked by the bear, he fought for his survival and was left alone to die by his hunting team. He won his first Academy Award for this movie. Alejandro G. Iñárritu directed the movie in 2015.

Wish you many many happy returns of the day Leonardo DiCaprio.

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