Landmark Antitrust case against Google
Landmark Antitrust case against Google

Landmark Antitrust Case Against Google By US Government

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. has a market value of over a thousand billion dollars.

The American Justice Department will file a Landmark Anti-Trust case against Google.

The Justice Department alleges that Google has misused or misused its online influence in online searches to harm its competitors and customers.

May Be An Early Victory (Apple, Amazon & Facebook)

Apple, Amazon & Facebook

This litigation is seen as the most vital task to protect the government from grassroots competition against Microsoft dating back for more than 20 years. The suit could be an early victory before the government’s other anti-trust action.

The lawsuit could prove conclusive given the ongoing investigations against major tech companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Facebook at the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

Google’s Parent Company is Alphabet Inc. Market Value

Lawmakers and Consumer Advocates accused Google’s corporate company Alphabet Inc. of misusing their online search and advertising dominance and promoting competition.

Explain that Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc., and its market value is more than $ 1,000 billion.

Google removed 3,000 Fake YouTube channels

On the other hand, Google has removed more than 3,000 such fake YouTube channels from July to September, part of China’s extensive spam network.

They were conducting campaigns to influence the American elections on their channel. As a result of their company’s elimination, they are now unable to garner viewership on their channel.

Final Words

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