45+ Kooku New Web Series Name With Cast And Release Date

Kooku New Web Series
Kooku New Web Series
A platform for over-the-top video KOOKU is the newest entertainment destination designed to get your heart pumping. Watch the greatest of drama, comedy, romance, and much more on the KOOKU App, which is available for Android and can be streamed online at www.kooku.app. Kooku is confident that you will like his unique programming of short films and web series. The best thing is that you can test it out before you buy. We are providing here Kooku app with a new web series list, and you can click on the name of any web series to get more information about it.

Kooku New Web Series Name With Cast And Release Date

#1. BubblePur Part 6

Release date:18/10/2021

Lead cast : Asrani , Pradeep Kabra, Ananat Jog, Neha Mondal

#2. BubblePur Part 3

BubblePur Part 3


Release date:03/10/2021

Lead cast : Asrani , Pooja Joshi, Hemant Pandey, Neha Mandal, Ananat Jog

#3. BubblePur Part 2

BubblePur Part 3

Release date:29/09/2021

Lead cast : Asrani , Pooja Joshi, Hemant Pandey, Pradeep Kabra, Ananat Jog, Kalpana Saini, Neha Mondal

#4. BubblePur


Release date:25/09/2021

Lead cast : Afreen Shaikh, Kalpana Saini

#5. Aao Kare Gutur Gu


Release date:29/08/2021

Lead cast: Inderjeet Kaur, Girish Thapar

#6. Humara Pyaar Chamakar

Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Release date:23/08/2021

Lead cast : Prashant, Pihu Jaiswal, Shweta Parmar, Jayati Thakkar

#7. Paglet

Humara Pyaar Chamakar

Release date:11/07/2021

Juhi Chatterji

#8. Rocky

Release date:04/07/2021

Lead cast: Versha, Shikha, Vinita Chauhan

#9. Vasooli

Release date:27/06/2021

Lead cast: Pooja kashyap, Madhuri Kumari

#10. Nymph

Release date:20/06/2021

Lead cast: Love Prit Kaur

#11. Socketwali

Release date:13/06/2021

Lead cast : Priyanka Biswas, Pallavi Roy

#12. Chicken Curry

Release date:21/05/2021

Lead cast: Ankita Dave

#13. Hum Apke Fan Hai

Chicken Curry
Release date:07/05/2021

Lead cast : Aritaa Paul, Suhana Khan

#14. Atithi In House

Hum Apke Fan Hai
Release date:16/04/2021

Mokshita Raghav, Shrutika Gaokar

#15. Ratri

Atithi In House
Release date:06/04/2021

Mahi Kaur

#16. Sauteli Saheli

Release date:28/03/2021

Ruhi Sharma

#17. Lolita PG House

Sauteli Saheli

Release date:21/03/2021

Abha Paul

#18. Khule AAsman Ke Niche

Lolita PG house
Release date:07/03/2021

Lead cast: Anchal Singh

#19. The Gift

Khule AAsman Ke Niche
Release date:28/02/2021

Aritaa Paul, Pooja kashyap

#20. Humraaz

The Gift
Release date:19/02/2021

Priyanka Upadhyay, Alisa Bella

#21. Suno Sahebji

Release date:14/02/2021

Ruhi Sharma

#22. Photo Shoot

Suno Sahebji

Release date:08/02/2021

Ranjeet Jha, Pihu Jaiswal


#23. LoyaltyTest

Photo Shoot
Release date:29/01/2021

#24. Nayi Naveli

Release date:25/01/2021

Lead cast : Shanaya Ans, Ranjeet Jha


#25. Rasmalai

Nayi Naveli

Release date:19/01/2021


#26. Mere Angane Main

Release date:09/01/2021

#27. SX Girl

Mere Angane Main
Release date:05/01/2021

Lead cast: Alisa Bella

#28. Suno Jethalal

SX Girl
Release date:28/12/2020

Rekha Mona Sarkar

#29. Suno Devarji

Suno Jethalal
Release date:24/12/2020

Rekha Mona Sarkar


#30. Rani Ka Raja

Suno Devarji
Release date:15/12/2020


#31. The Story of My wife

Rani Ka Raja
Release date:22/11/2020

#32. Anomaly

The Story of My wife

Release date:15/11/2020

Bikramjeet kanwarpal

#33. Late Night Project

Release date:09/10/2020

Sana, Sonia Dhillon

#34. Saheli

Late Night Project

Release date:07/08/2020

Anmol Khan

#35. Everything Is planned

Release date:17/07/2020


#36. Trishna

Everything is planned
Release date:03/07/2020

Saira Khan, Anuradha Singh

#37. Behru Priya

Release date:30/06/2020

Ranjan, Pari

#38. Golden Hole

Behru Priya
Release date:22/06/2020

Rekha Mona Sarkar, Romit Baweja, Bharti Koli

#39. My Cousion Sister

Golden Hole
Release date:22/06/2020

Lead cast: Ayesha Kapoor

#40. Bhootiyapa

My Cousion Sister
Release date:04/06/2020

Lead cast : Sahil Akhtar Khan, Rakhi Sharma, Mahima Gupta, Ashraf Saifee, Aram Khan, Zaid Khan, Deepak Chauhan, Aloke Sengupta, Supriya Shukla

#41. Jassi King-The FAKR

Release date:22/05/2020

Lead cast : Nidhi Mahawan, Vikram Kuma, Rekha Mona Sarkar

#42. Suno Sasurji

Jassi King-The FAKR

Release date:03/04/2020

Lead cast: Kumari Simran

#43. Shaadi Vivah

Suno Sasurji

Release date:16/03/2020

Divyaa Singh

#44. Woh Teacher

Shaadi Vivah
Release date:27/02/2020

Lead cast : Rajsi Verma

#45. Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player

Woh Teacher
Release date:15/02/2020

Aarav Singh, Sanna Kapoor, Sonia Singh Rajput

#46. Baby Sitter

Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player
Release date:07/02/2020

Supriya Shukla

#47. Meri Biwi Ki Suhagraat

Baby Sitter
Release date:21/01/2020

Rakhi Sharma

#48. Mere Pyare Jija Ji

Meri Biwi Ki Suhagraat
Release date:10/01/2020

Agni Pawar


In summary, you have a brief look over the Web Series that has been announced recently on our site and hope that you will be able to watch the whole series without any problem in the future. Some of the series will be aired on streaming services while others will be released on the YouTube channel.


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