Kidrunner Shark Tank Update 2022: Hands Free Running Strollers

kidrunner shark tank update

What Exactly Is KidRunner?

Will Warner, an experienced runner, and father from Bend, Oregon, created the KidRunner jogging stroller. The KidRunner stands apart from other strollers on the market because the child is carried in a pod behind the jogger, allowing the runner to swing his or her arms freely instead of pushing a stroller. Warner owns the patent on the waist harness.

Despite the fact that there were numerous other infant jogging strollers on the market at the time, Will believed he could develop a device that was safer, lighter, and more pleasant for runners while still offering the security that a safety-focused design gives. Will eventually came up with the basic concept for the KidRunner, a jogging stroller that, unlike any other on the market, would be dragged beside the runner rather than in front of them.

Who Is the KidRunner Founder?

kidrunner shark tank update

Will Warne, the company’s creator, and designer are from Bend, Oregon, a town known for its beautiful beauty and numerous running trails. Will, an avid runner, was looking for a way to combine his love of running with spending time with his young family.

In the spring of 2015, Warne tried unsuccessfully to raise funds for KidRunner on Kickstarter. He has worked to improve his product since then. The KidRunner looks like a bicycle trailer for pulling a child, but it’s designed for runners. Simply place their child in the enclosed, lightweight seat and secure the fully adjustable lightweight waist belt, and they’re ready to go!

As brand ambassadors, Warne has a number of well-known runners who race while carrying their children. The carbon fiber and Kevlar construction of the product makes it sturdy, aerodynamic, elegant, and lightweight (approximately 20 pounds). In comparison to stroller/runners, the KidRunner offers a more comfortable ride and can handle rough terrain. The gadget is currently available for pre-order with a $200 deposit; a new unit costs $750.

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Composite Approach, a contract manufacturer specializing in small-scale advanced composite production and assembly, is helping them produce the units. Pre-orders were ended in December 2015, and the first units should arrive in April or May 2016.

What Went Wrong with Kid Runner’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Will Warne hopes the Sharks take a shot at his KidRunner, a jogging-specific pull-along child’s seat, in Shark Tank episode 725. Warne is searching for a Shark to help with production funding as well as marketing and distribution.

Will joined the fray with elite runner Max King, who was towing Will’s daughter in a KidRunner. He wanted $500,000 in return for a 20% ownership in their company, which is worth $2.5 million.

He informed the Sharks that the market for running strollers is worth a billion dollars, which Robert denies. He expresses his desire to attempt it by sprinting up and down the corridor. He likes it! Sophie was irritated by the commotion, but Robert blames Kevin!

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Robert and Kevin both voice concerns about safety, which Will dismisses. The product in the Tank, according to Will, was a prototype. He planned to sell them for $750, which some Sharks think is too much. He’s already put down $73,000.

Barbara was the first to leave, expressing her doubts about Will’s ability to bring it to market. Mark and Robert agreed and walked away. Lori expressed her dissatisfaction with the item and left. Kevin was close behind. They eventually departed the pitch without reaching an agreement.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to KidRunner?

Despite the collapse of the sale during the pitch, the business was able to get it to market. The first version sold out in 2021, and they are now taking pre-orders for the “2021 Version” on their website. As of January 2022, the firm is still in operation.

Who Are KidRunner’s Competitors?

Other manufacturers who support jogging strollers are KidRunner’s main rivals. jsDelivr, Klaviyo, Cloudflare CDN, GlobalSign, and jQuery are among these firms.

KidRunner’s Net Worth:

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $2.5 million. Since then, the corporation has continued to operate, and its net value may now exceed that of the pitch.


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