Kenya Moore Files Divorce From Daly Real Or Fake News?-Check Whole Story About Her

kenya moore divorce

Kenya Summer Moore Daly (born January 24, 1971) is a model, producer, novelist, television personality, and businesswoman from the United States. She has been a cast member of The Celebrity Apprentice 7 in 2015 and a contender for Dancing with the Stars in 2021. She has co-starred in the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta since 2012. Moore rose to notoriety after winning the Miss USA pageant in 1993, which led to her competing in the Miss Universe pageant the following year, where she placed in the top six.


She was the first dark-skinned lady and the second black woman to win Miss USA, following Carole Gist. She went on to star in films and TV programs such as Waiting To Exhale (1995), Deliver Us From Eva (2003), The Steve Harvey Show (1998), and Girlfriends (2004). Moore has worked on a number of cinematic projects, authored a book, and appeared in her own workout video. She is also noted for her engagement in business enterprises, having founded the Moore Hair hair care line.


Moore was born in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan in the United States.After her mother abandoned her when she was three days old, she was raised by her paternal grandmother Doris Grant (1931–2017), and aunt. Her mother never called her by her name, according to her real personality. “From the moment I was born, my mother decided at the age of 16 to act as if I didn’t exist. Kenya stated, “She has never addressed me.” “She acts as if I don’t exist even though I’m in the same room as other individuals and relatives.” Kenya said on her Bravo blog that she “pretends I’m not there.”  Moore earned his high school diploma in 1989 from Cass Technical High School. Moore was subjected to domestic violence by an older lover while still in high school. “He abused me physically, emotionally, and once almost killed me by putting me in the hospital, from hitting me with a fingernail file… stabbing me with a fingernail file,” Moore said. Moore majored in psychology and minored in communication while attending Wayne State University.

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What caused Kenya and Marc to part up in the first place?

Kenya and Marc finally spoke out about the underlying reasons for their split, admitting that distance was a major role. Marc is a restaurateur who was in the midst of developing many restaurants in New York at the time, keeping him away from Kenya and their daughter.
“It was annoying for me that he continued starting businesses in New York,” Kenya told People. “But listen, I want him to be successful because that’s how he feeds his family.” “However, if you live in two different locations, you’re either both in New York or both in Atlanta.” And we didn’t always seem to be in the same spot when we were together. So, with the businesses, the distance, and the baby, figuring it all out got difficult.”

kenya moore divorce

Kenya’s long-distance marriage has been documented on RHOA, as has Marc’s many interruptions. Marc’s charity event, Black Man’s Lab, will be highlighted in the March 1 episode, and it will bring their marital problems to a climax.
Marc was caught on camera dissing Kenya when questioned whether he enjoys being married by someone off-camera.
“I despise it,” she says. “I despise it, and everyone knows it!” he said, startled.
Kenya’s married name has been taken from her Instagram profile since the video aired (she had kept “Daly” on the profile after their divorce was announced).
Marc, for one, has apologized publicly, but only to the charity Black Man’s Lab. Because to his “personal issue,” the businessman felt he “compromise” the occasion in an Instagram post.
“I genuinely apologize for it and accept full responsibility,” he wrote in the message.
He made no mention of how his remarks hurt his estranged wife, and he shut down the comments area on the page. At this moment, it’s unclear whether he addressed Kenya’s predicament. The singer of “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” has also yet to respond to what her spouse was captured on tape saying. The pair is still apart.

Kenya Moore’s Net Worth :

kenya moore divorce

Kenya Moore rose to prominence after winning Miss USA and then competing in the Miss Universe pageant, where she finished in the top six. Her net worth is estimated at $800,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she is the fourth wealthiest of all the housewives.

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