Kate Bosworth Divorce: Kate Bosworth Splits from Husband Michael Polish After 10 Years Together

kate bosworth divorce

Catherine Anne Bosworth is a character in the novel Catherine Anne Bosworth by Catherine Anne (born January 2, 1983) is an actress and model from the United States. She rose to notoriety with her part as a teenage surfer in the box-office success Blue Crush, after lesser appearances in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Remember the Titans (2000).

Kate Bosworth, Is She Married?

kate bosworth divorce

Kate Bosworth was married to Michael Polish, a filmmaker. They’d been together for eleven years when they announced their breakup. Despite their proclamation of separation, it appears like Bosworth and Polish are still friends. Bosworth has previously been linked to a number of well-known co-stars, including Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard.

Kate Bosworth’s Husband Michael Polish:

In 2013, Kate Bosworth met her spouse. On the set of the adventure drama Big Sur, she met director Michael Polish. ‘I’m going to marry you,‘ Polish told Bosworth before they even started dating. He had a gut feeling. Michael Polish, Kate Bosworth’s spouse, has a daughter, Jasper Polish, from a prior relationship with Jo Strettell.

kate bosworth divorce

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After nearly eight years of marriage and ten years together, Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish have decided to call it quits. On Thursday, the Blue Crush actress came to Instagram to announce that she and Polish are parting ways, but that they are doing it with love.

“When it comes to love, the beginning is frequently the greatest part. The draw is fireworks, magnets, and revolt. The beginning heralds a vast open horizon of possibilities. When you’re falling in love, split a burger with someone and die happy, knowing this is your final meal.

Pour me a waterfall, buy a bottle of whiskey, and split shots. Play that ideal song on the jukebox and dance with someone you’ve known for years, even if you only met them minutes ago “Bosworth talked about how important it is to have a honeymoon time in a relationship.

She went on to say, “We have a natural aversion to endings. To be deprived of what you have because you have obtained what you desired. To be enamored with the prospect of a positive outcome. The enormous Unknown.

What if we choose to love rather than fear? If the last, most fragile and sensitive flicker of the flame transformed into a completely different sort of furnace. Some may find this weird, while others may find it charming. This is the truth to us.” And, while they’ve decided it’s best for them to part ways, they’re doing it with open hearts.


“We have never been so enthralled and sincerely thankful for one another as we are in this decision to part, and our hearts are full. Michael and I have consistently chosen love throughout the previous ten years. Today, we clasp hands as closely as we did on our wedding day, intertwined fingers and all.

With more bravery, we stare deeper into each other’s eyes. We’ve realized that our love will never stop as a result of the process of letting go. The link does not simply go away. The heart expands as the love becomes deeper “she said Despite the fact that their romance is coming to an end, the 38-year-old actress insists that their next chapter as colleagues and friends is just getting started.

“We’re expecting the calls around 4 a.m. Songs will be traded in order to transmit just what songs are capable of. We’re having a good time planning our next film together and can’t wait to show you our latest collaboration. The most epic love tales, in our opinion, are those that go beyond expectations. It has been our greatest privilege to be able to experience such love and to continue to wonder at the beauty of love’s progression.

What happens when we think we’ve reached the end of something only to discover we’ve just begun? This is the essence of love. And we’re going to drink it down. Michael and Kate, “‘It’s over,’ she declared, bringing their protracted separation announcement to a close. Bosworth spoke of unconditional love and knowing that Polish was the guy she wanted to marry in a 2015 interview with Elle magazine, describing their relationship as a “holy connection.”

“I just didn’t have it set down on paper how I imagined marriage to be. I didn’t have the appropriate attire. I couldn’t use the ring since I didn’t have it. That wasn’t anything I had planned until I met the man. I wasn’t sure whether I even wanted to! Then, when I met Michael, it was evident that we were part of a special relationship. Marriage now took on a far more solid meaning than it had previously. Marriage has always seemed like a fairytale to me. I didn’t know how to honestly relate to it on a personal level. But when I met him, I thought to myself, “This is a link I want to establish.” “she revealed.

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Bosworth started dating 50-year-old Polish in mid-2011, after meeting him earlier that year when he directed her in the film Big Sur. In August 2012, Bosworth and Polish announced their engagement, and on August 31, 2013, they married in Philipsburg, Montana. Polish’s daughter, Jasper, is Bosworth’s stepdaughter from a previous marriage.


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