Kakegurui Season 3 Release Date, Characters | Everything You Should Know

Kakegurui Season 3
Kakegurui Season 3

The last 2-3 years have helped popular anime find new seasons. But not all shows are able to find support. One example is Kakegurui season 3, one of the most anticipated Japanese anime shows. How is 2019 different from other years?

Kakegurui is a Japanese anime series. It is based on the manga of the same name and written by Homura Kawamoto. Toru Naomura illustrated it, and MAPPA animated it. Netflix says that, according to streaming service Netflix,

The first two seasons of the Kakegurui anime are called season 1 and season 2. Season 1 was released in 2017, and season 2 was released in 2019. You can see these on Netflix outside Japan. Two books were inspired by this series in 2017 and 2019. A show was released in Japan in 2018 and a second season was released later this year. The show is popular. Fans are waiting for the release of Kakegurui Season 3.

When is Kakegurui season 3 Release Date?

Kakegurui season 3 Release Date
Kakegurui season 3 Release Date

The third season of Kakegurui has not yet been made. Netflix and MAPPA have ignored these requests, but some experts think we will see a new season. Netflix does not have the streaming license for kakegurui. That is why it doesn’t renew the series, even if people want it.

MAPPA and the TV networks in Japan still need to decide if they will make another season of this show. We hope that they will.

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In addition, we shouldn’t overlook the current epidemic around the world. Current reports say that plans to renew kakegurui have been delayed or hindered down because of what happened with COVID-19. It was thought that Kakegurui season 3 would come out in 2021. But now it is most likely going to come out in the same year or 2020.

Story of Kakegurui Till Now

The Japanese show is about an elite private school in Japan. The children of important people in Japan go there to learn. Even though they are not ordinary students, some of them will become leaders and professionals someday.

But this school is not like other schools. Here, students place bets to earn their rank and grades are not important.

Kakegurui season 3 is coming out soon. The people who are in charge of the students have a complicated system where they gamble with their money. Some people will win and some will lose. People who win matches are popular and well-regarded. People who lose matches become servants of the winners. They also wear a necklace which is like a tag around their neck.

People who did not repay their debt at the end of the school received a life schedule that told them what to do with their lives until they could pay back the debt.

Yumeko is a girl who has just transferred to Hyakkaou Private Academy in her second year. She has a secret that nobody knows about. She is a gambler who likes to gamble, but not everyone gambles for the same reasons. Some people gamble to make friends or get money.

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Yumeko is a good fighter and she can see what other people do before they do it. She goes to her boss, Kirari Momobami, and talks with her.

Is There Any News About The Third Season Of Kakegurui?

No updates on Kakegurui XXVIII have come out yet. Season 2 ended a year ago. Fans are waiting for more information, but nothing has been released as of yet.

We need to wait a little while to know if there will be a Kakegurui Season 3. The theme of Season 2 was COVID-19, which does not happen in Japan.

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