Joyce Cheng Net Worth: Pop Vocalist Income, Career, and Other Updates!

Joyce Cheng is the most prominent and successful Pop vocalist, In addition, Joyce is a powerhouse in the online entertainment industry and has a sizable following. The Voice of Love, Side Cast, The Storyman, and more albums have all been released by the artist. The zodiac sign of Joyce Cheng Yan-yee is Gemini, according to astrologers.

Early Years

The singer was born on May 30, 1987, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; she is of Vancouver, British ancestry. She feels at home among the Christian population and is proud to be one.

The late Lydia Shum was Joyce’s mother, and her father is Adam Cheng.

Via her mother’s side, Joyce Cheng has Shanghainese ancestry, while through her father, she has Sze Yup lineage. Joyce’s mother is a humorist, and her father is a vocalist as well.


In her early years, she weighed 102 kg. At the age of 16, Cheng started a demanding exercise schedule to try to solve her weight issues. In her book, “My Weight Loss Diary,” she outlined her fitness routine.

joyce cheng

In 2005, Cheng appeared as Snow White at the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland.

In a performance at the Lai Fa Palace Po Leung Kuk Charity Gala on May 10, 2008, Joyce took on a role that had previously been played by her mother. On the first Mother’s Day since her mother’s passing, Joyce will participate in charitable endeavors.

On the popular TVB sitcom “Off Pedder,” which premiered in September 2008, Cheng made her acting debut. In the comedy, Cheng played the recurring role of Joyce Yu. She also provided the singing for the show’s “No One Is Perfect” theme song.

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Net Worth

Joyce Cheng’s name is mentioned among the top-tier wealthy pop performers; with a net worth of $1.5 million, she may be one of the wealthiest.


According to sources, Lydia left Joyce a HK$60 million (S$10.4 million) bequest, to which she now has unrestricted access. 2008 saw the death of her mother from liver cancer at the age of 62.

One of the richest singers born in Canada, Joyce is ranked. She makes the majority of her money as a singer, and she also worked part-time as an Instagram model.

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Personal Life

Joyce Cheng has kept her relationship with her admirers a secret from her followers and fans. Joyce does not, however, currently have a husband because she is not yet married.

Her boyfriend, who was meant to be her fiancé, called off the wedding. After he realized Cheng was cheating on him, he ended his relationship with her

Cheng gives off the impression of being incredibly passionate about being a well-known pop performer in her field. In reality, Cheng may be unmarried at the moment and pursuing her dreams because of this.


Cheng participated in a fundraising effort to aid those affected by the Sichuan catastrophe. On stage, she described how a young mother in Sichuan had used her body to shield her child from the falling rubble and remarked on how admirable this act of self-sacrifice was.

She had recently celebrated her first Mother’s Day apart from her mother. She believed that this young mother will continue to care for her child in the same way.

In Cheng’s words, “the love of motherhood is enormous till the end.” She wishes that the orphans would keep this in mind and proceed to lead contented lives.

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