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josh flagg divorce

Joshua Daniel Flagg (born August 20, 1985) is a real estate agent, television personality, author, and contributor to various real estate periodicals and news sites in the United States. He is a former cast member of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The show follows youthful Los Angeles real estate salespeople as they sell high-end residences. Flagg has been named a top 25 real estate agent by The Hollywood Reporter and one of the top-ranked agents in California and nationwide by sales volume by The Wall Street Journal.

Education and early life:

josh flagg divorce

Josh Flagg was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 20, 1985. He is the son of Los Angeles natives Michael and Cindy (Platt) Flagg. He is the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, the founder and proprietor of the nationwide Platt Music Corporation network of stores, and grandson of philanthropist, electronics industry entrepreneur, and Jewish activist Herman Platt. [15] Flagg is the grandson of Edith Flagg, an American (Romanian-born) fashion industry entrepreneur and designer who is most known for being one of the first to import polyester as a fashion cloth to the United States. [16] Edith later became well-known for her recurring appearance on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where she appeared with her grandson.

Life Outside of Work:

Flagg resides in Beverly Hills, where he acquired a micro-estate above the Sunset Strip from Jeffrey Katzenberg’s son, writer/producer David Katzenberg, in January 2013.

Nicolas Pakzad, the son of designer Bijan Pakzad, bought the home in 2015.Flagg purchased the estate of Tony award-winning producer Michael Fierman in June 2015. The residence is just a few doors down from Paul McCartney’s house, which he purchased from Courtney Love, and is on a street lined with previous and present celebrity owners including Don Johnson, Prince, and Ozzy Osbourne. Flagg also has a penthouse in Century City’s Century Towers building, which he inherited from his late grandmother.

After parting a few months ago, Josh Flagg and his husband, Bobby Boyd, are divorcing. In a message posted on Instagram on March 4, the real estate agent acknowledged the breakup of his marriage, saying:

“Bobby and I are getting divorced. This may come out as abrupt, but I decided that rather than burying the title, I should be clear from the start. This was not an impulsive or hasty choice. Before getting to this decision, we gave it a lot of thought. It wasn’t a lack of love; instead, it was the two of us growing apart and desiring very different things for ourselves.”
He went on to say that he loves and respects Bobby. He concluded by thanking everyone for their support.

josh flagg divorce

Bobby also published a statement in which he expressed his gratitude for his friendship with Josh. He stated that he and Josh had been working on a solution for the past few months. Added he,

“We wanted this to be a private affair between us, and we didn’t want most of our friends and family to know about it.” If there’s one thing I can say about both of us, it’s that we both gave it our all to make this happen.”

The Reasons Behind Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd’s Divorce Are as Follows:

In an Instagram post on Friday, Josh Flagg acknowledged his breakup with Bobby Boyd.

The cause for their split is yet unknown. Bobby Boyd, on the other hand, stated in a recent statement that love isn’t always enough and that they’ve discovered that they want different things out of life and that their paths are extremely different. He stated,

“And now, each of us is embarking on our new paths today.” Our romantic connection may be over, but I’ll always consider him a member of my family. Joshua, I adore you and wish you nothing but the best. Thank you all for their love, support, and patience.”

Bobby Boyd sends his best wishes to Josh and his new beau!

Josh mentioned in his People interview that his new partner is also in real estate and that they have known each other for a long time.
Bobby Boyd, Josh’s ex-husband, was asked how he was doing following the divorce by reporters at Star Influx LA in 2022. He stated he’s taking things “day by day.”
Bobby also stated that Josh is “doing great” and that he wishes “him and his new boyfriend nothing but the best.”

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Josh told People Magazine that “Bobby’s doing fantastic,” and that “my greatest wish is that everyone gets out of this happy and friends and recognizes the amazing times that we had together and can move ahead constructively.”

Josh Flagg, Star of ‘Million Dollar Listing: LA,’ has Divorced his Husband Bobby Boyd.

After five years of marriage, Josh Flagg, the Beverly Hills real estate guru and original star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” franchise, has revealed that he and his husband Bobby Boyd are separating. Flagg shared the news on Instagram late Friday, thanking followers for their “unwavering love.”

“Bobby and I are divorcing,” he said flatly. “This may come across as abrupt, but I believed it was more important to be transparent from the start than to conceal the title.” This was not an impulsive or hasty choice. Before getting to this decision, we gave it a lot of thought. It wasn’t a lack of love; rather, it was the result of our two personalities diverging and desiring very different things for ourselves. Bobby means a lot to me, and I have nothing but love and respect for him. I’d like our separation to reflect that. “Thank you for your continuous support, everyone.”

Net Worth :

Josh Flagg Net Worth: $35 Million

Josh Flagg has a $35 million net worth as a real estate agent and television personality in the United States. Josh Flagg, one of California’s most successful real estate salespeople, has amassed an astounding amount of popularity, success, and fortune over the course of his career. Despite his status as a reality TV star, Josh Flagg is a true professional who knows the real estate business thoroughly and out. He also contributes to various real estate journals with his knowledge. In addition, Josh Flagg is a well-known author who has published a number of novels. Over the course of his career, Josh was engaged in the selling of over $1 billion in real estate.

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