Jordana Brewster Divorce: Why does Jordana Brewster Pay Her Ex-husband $5 Million?- Check Here The Reason

jordana brewster divorce

The F9 singer opened out about her relationship with her ex-husband Andrew Form and her current lover Mason Morfit in a candid essay for Glamour. 13 years of marriage later, in 2020, she filed for divorce from Form.

“I believed the moment was right to wed Andrew. I was in a rush even though I was only 27 years old at the time. 40-year-old Brewster wrote about the couple. She said that they got hitched the next year after meeting on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in 2006.

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“I wasn’t paying attention to anything else because I was preoccupied with the weight on the scale and how many calories I consumed daily. She said, “I didn’t pay much attention to my profession or my marriage. My spouse and I started living separate lifestyles very early in our marriage.”

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Rowan, 5, and Julian, 712, were their first two children, and Brewster claimed that when they “stopped clearing the early hurdles that a couple does,” she “realized something was missing for both of us.”

“As a result, when the epidemic initially began, Andrew and I made the decision to part ways. The effects of spending most of the year apart and emotionally drifting apart, she typed, were felt.

Brewster reconnected with her current partner, Morfit, whom she had briefly met four years earlier at a lunch with her husband, just four days after they made the decision to dissolve their relationship.

Brewster stated that after meeting IT CEO Morfit, 44, in San Francisco, “we started seeing each other regularly and thinking about ways to mix our families.”

Divorce of Jordana Brewster:

“Friends questioned me about how it would impact my children and how they would be affected. They believed my decision to be impulsive and hasty. The issue was that they were unaware that it had been planned for 13 years, she typed. “What appeared to be a major event turned out to be a lengthy procedure. They weren’t paying enough attention.

“In the end, my divorce was neither my fault nor my ex-husband’s. When I was 27 years old, I wasn’t prepared to be open or vulnerable on the inside. I wasn’t prepared to fully let someone in. I finally broke and put everything on the line at the age of 40, she continued. That damaged my first marriage, but I discovered the love of my life by taking a chance on everything.

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By subscribing to our new podcast, PEOPLE Every Day, you can get the essential celebrity, entertainment, and human interest news stories from Monday through Friday. Brewster told PEOPLE that raising Form, 52, together has been “really a little bit easier.”

Brewster stated in April that “Andrew’s kids adore spending time with him when he has them, and we’ve had some really wonderful quality time together.” We converse more as parents than we did as husband and wife.

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“We were on the same page and were married for 13 years. There is no animosity, which I believe is quite beneficial, she remarked. Jordana Brewster Paid $5 Million to Her Ex-Husband

Jordana Brewster’s Divorce Wasn’t Cheap:

jordana brewster divorce

Brewster decided to give her ex-husband Andrew Form $5 million as part of their divorce settlement, The Blast revealed this week. Their Los Angeles home, which she will keep, is represented by the number as his share.

Brewster and her producer ex-husband stipulated that any money either of them makes “as a result of their personal and professional effort” after May 13, 2020 “shall be the separate property of the earning party,” so any money Brewster makes from the most recent “Fast and Furious” movie is hers alone.

Divorce of Jordana Brewster:

Brewster and Form are not going to get or give alimony. Brewster and Form are no longer married and split custody of their two sons, Julian, 7, and Rowan, 5, even though a judge has yet to approve their arrangement.

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