The Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” Release Date, Design, Construction, Availability

jordan 4 blue thunder release date

The Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder”, a fan-favorite colorway, made a triumphant return in the Spring/Summer of 2023. This iconic sneaker was released on May 13, 2023, and was available at Jordan Brand retailers, online at, and on the SNKRS app.

Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” Design and Construction

jordan 4 blue thunder design and construction

The Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” is constructed using premium black nubuck uppers. The design features splashes of Tour Yellow throughout the midsole, lace eyelets, and tongue. The iconic Jumpman logo, a symbol synonymous with Michael Jordan, is strategically placed on the heel tab, tongue, and insoles of the sneakers.

Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” Release Date and Availability

jordan 4 blue thunder release date

The Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” was released in limited numbers before the wide release on April 18th as a Shock Drop on the SNKRS app. The sneakers were then made available for the whole family on May 13th. The retail price of the sneakers was $210.


The release of the Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” was highly anticipated. After months of build-up, the sneaker finally hit the shelves, harkening back to a time when Air Jordan retros were a lot scarcer than they have been over the last five years.

How Can I Get My Hands on a Pair of Blue Thunder Sneakers Now?

As the Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” was released in May 2023, it might not be available directly from Nike or Jordan Brand retailers anymore. However, you can still try the following options:

  1. Resale Platforms: Websites like StockX, GOAT, Grailed, and eBay often have listings for sold-out sneakers. Be sure to check the seller’s ratings and reviews before making a purchase.
  2. Local Sneaker Stores: Some local sneaker stores or boutiques might still have a pair in stock. It’s worth giving them a call or visiting in person.
  3. Sneaker Conventions: These events often have vendors selling rare and sold-out sneakers. Check if there are any upcoming sneaker conventions in your area.
  4. Online Forums and Social Media Groups: Platforms like Reddit’s /r/Sneakers or Facebook sneaker groups can be a good place to find someone selling the pair you’re looking for.

Remember to always verify the authenticity of the sneakers before purchasing, especially when buying from resale platforms or individual sellers.

How Can I Tell If My Air Jordans Are Fake?

Authenticating Air Jordans involves several steps. Here are some tips to help you determine if your Air Jordans are genuine:

  1. Check the Box and Style Number: Real Jordans come packaged in a sturdy box. The lid should fit tightly, with no gaps. There will be an Air Jordan “Jumpman” logo on the lid and also on the side of the box. The printed colors on the packaging should appear even and uniform, with no areas of fading or extra colors. All Jordans have a style number listed on the outside sticker. In almost all cases, it will be nine digits long.
  2. Inspect the Shoe Construction: Examine the shoes themselves for quality and particular details specific to Jordans. Check the shoe for color matches throughout all areas of the sneaker. An authentic pair of Nike shoes is always flawless when it comes down to athletic and casual footwear.
  3. Check for Spelling Errors and Logo Imperfections: Make sure all of the words on the box are spelled correctly. Ensure that the Jordan Jumpman logo appears complete, without any unusual looking proportions or fading.
  4. Look for a Manufacturing Sticker: All Air Jordan boxes will have an official manufacturing sticker on the side. Check for the accurate style name of the shoe, the shoe size, the color combination, and the country of manufacture.
  5. Compare with Authentic Images: When searching for authentic Air Jordans online, you’ll want to make sure the images are clear and detailed. The listing should have multiple pictures of the product where details are clear.

Remember, the best way to ensure you’re getting an authentic pair is to purchase from official retailers or directly from the Nike website or the SNKRS app. Always verify the authenticity of the sneakers before purchasing, especially when buying from resale platforms or individual sellers.

How Can I Clean My Air Jordans?

Cleaning your Air Jordans involves several steps. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

Basic Cleaning:

  1. Dislodge Dirt and Dust: Remove your Air Jordans and knock the soles together to remove any debris that might be lodged on them.
  2. Wipe Down the Soles: Dampen a cloth or small sponge with warm water. Wipe down the upper and midsoles of your shoes to remove superficial marks or stains.
  3. Use Sneaker Cleaning Wipes: Purchase cleaning wipes that are specially designed for sneakers for quick, on-the-go cleaning.

Deep Cleaning:

  1. Scrub Them with Cold Water and Dish Soap: Using cold water, wet the bristles of a shoe brush and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Scrub your shoes all over.
  2. Rinse Off the Soap with Cold Water: Rinse the soap off your shoes in the sink under a gentle stream of cool water.
  3. Dry Your Shoes in Front of a Fan: Place your wet Air Jordans in front of an electric fan to dry.

Cleaning Your Laces:

  1. Put Laces in the Washing Machine: To clean your shoelaces in the washing machine, choose a gentle, cold water setting.

Remember, always check the care instructions for your specific pair of Air Jordans as some materials may require special care.

How Can I Store My Air Jordans Properly?

Storing your Air Jordans properly can help preserve their appearance and longevity. Here are some tips:

  1. Use Original Boxes or Special Containers: The easiest way to store sneakers is in the box they came in. Alternatively, you can use clear-front shoe boxes or drop-front boxes. These allow you to see the shoes at a glance and protect them from dust.
  2. Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Keep your shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from heat and moisture. Avoid areas with direct sunlight as light can age the shoe material.
  3. Use Silica Packs: Put your shoes in zip locks with a few packs of silica. This helps to keep the shoes dry and prevent any moisture damage.
  4. Avoid Wearing the Same Pair Frequently: Try not to wear the same shoe more than twice a week at max. This helps to maintain the shape and condition of the shoes.
  5. Clean Your Shoes Regularly: Clean your shoes with light cleaning agents like Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. However, avoid continuous cleaning as it can lead to oxidation and yellowing.
  6. Store Shoes Properly After Use: When you get home, don’t just leave your shoes by the door to collect dust. Put them back in their box or storage container.

Remember, proper storage can significantly extend the life of your Air Jordans and keep them looking fresh for longer.

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In conclusion, the release of the Air Jordan 4 “Blue Thunder” was a significant event in the sneaker world. Its unique design and the nostalgia it evokes make it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and fans of the Jordan Brand.

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