JiggAerobics Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to JiggAerobics after Shark Tank Pitch?

jiggaerobics shark tank

What’s JiggAerobics?

JiggAerobics is a global lifestyle brand that creates an explosive dance-fitness craze known as “GetRight Sessions” by combining fun, exercise, and entertainment. Plyometric exercises are combined with the high-energy dance form of “jigging” in JiggAerobics.

Infuse your event with JiggAerobics-inspired vigor. Prepare to dance the night away with your headphones on. JiggAerobics is well-known for Generation X and Baby Boomers will love this high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout to Old School Tunes.

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In 2015, ‘JiggAerobics’ was created by LaDonte Lotts. Dance fitness classes are taught by Lotts and other fitness specialists at the organization.

JiggAerobics Was Started by Who Exactly?

‘JiggAerobics’ was founded by LaDonte Lotts in 2015. The organization’s dance fitness classes are led by Lotts and other fitness specialists. Dancing fitness events are popular in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the company is situated (classes). Founder Lotts is a certified fitness instructor who was inspired to start this business.

In Baton Rouge, a hip-hop dance style is known as “jigging” is very popular. Plyometrics are “exercises in which muscles exert maximal force in small bursts of time with the objective of developing power,” according to the definition.

Lotts creates what he calls “fitness parties” by combining the two as well as hip-hop music. With his drum major duties at Southern University and A&M College, his love of dance continued to grow. Lessons and events by JiggAerobics can be scheduled for any occasion at any of their locations throughout the South. $9.99 a month is the cost of a subscription to stream the workout routines.

The crew currently includes Lotts and two “master trainers.” He wants to extend his business to a global scale and get it into schools around the globe.

At the Shark Tank Pitch, What Happened to Jigg Aerobics?

In Shark Tank episode 20 of season 11, LaDonte Lotts hopes the Sharks appreciate his dancing fitness program, JiggAerobics. He needs the help of a Shark to take his company global and to spread the word about it in classrooms.

Labonte wants $50,000 for a 12 percent interest in his company, which is worth $416,667, as he pitches on Shark Tank. Invites Sharks to test it out on stage after he gives his presentation. Before they begin, they do their dance routine. He makes $62,000 in sales in his first year.

He plans to expand his business by training and certifying instructors and charging them a monthly fee for their service. In the end, Labonte left the pitch without an agreement because no Sharks believe he can be of any worth to them.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Jigg Aerobics?

At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in May of 2020, this episode aired when LaDonte walked away from the pitch without an agreement. The “Virtual Fitness Parties” were a great success for Labonte.

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In December 2021, he’s still in business and “getting jiggy with it.” Over $900,000 in revenue is generated each year.

Net Worth of JiggAerobics:

During and after the pitch, the company was valued at $416,667, and as of December 2021, it had a yearly revenue of $900,000+. This proves that the company’s value has risen.

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