Greys Anatomy: The Real Reason Why Jesse Williams Is Splitting from His Wife Aryn Drake-Lee!

greys anatomy divorce

Before getting married on September 1st, 2012, Williams dated Aryn Drake-Lee for five years. Sadie Williams, a girl, was born in December 2013; Maceo Williams, a son, was born in the same year as the couple (b. October 2015). In April 2017, the couple formally filed for divorce. In October 2020, the divorce was legally finalized.

Married Life:

Friends claim that the reason “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams divorced his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, who had long supported him as a struggling actor, was because he now “wants to be the sexy single guy in Hollywood.”

Until Williams landed his major position on “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2009, sources claimed Drake-Lee, who has experience in the real estate and art worlds, served as his rock and the couple’s primary breadwinner. They were married in 2012 after dating for 13 years, and they have two kids.

Reason for Their Divorce:

greys anatomy divorce

Friends speculate that the actor’s change of heart regarding his marriage is due to Williams’ success in Hollywood. “She invested money in this marriage and gave her life as a sacrifice for him, and now he wants to leave and become the popular single Hollywood guy. Jesse wants to do whatever he believes would increase his stardom. It’s “the Jesse show,” and he’s sipping his own Kool-Aid. He is completely mistaken. These vows were not respected by him. The source claimed that he desires to be alone.

Williams has been associated with Derek Jeter’s ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly, with whom he was seen in France, and according to acquaintances, he is “now dating Minka.” They are developing a video game with many other people, a different source close to Williams maintains.


The insider continued, “He became the breadwinner when Williams and Drake-Lee moved to LA for “Grey’s Anatomy.” It all became equal. He was looking after her. When she was photographed with him, Drake-Lee was frequently criticized in the media for not dressing like a Hollywood actress. When others ask, “Why aren’t you with someone sexier or with this actress?” you should take them at their word.

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The first insider stated, “I’m sure that put a strain on their relationship. Williams will try to paint the divorce as amicable. “It’s a bunch of bullshit,” They’re going to give the impression that he and she have been apart for a very long period, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When recently questioned about Minka, Williams remained silent. Instead, he faced the cameras with his back turned, revealing a garment that said, “Don’t Believe the Hype.” Williams’ spokesperson declined to comment. Drake-Lee was unreachable.

greys anatomy divorce

The former couple was given joint legal custody of their two children after both Jesse and Aryn appeared at “their hearing on child custody, child visitation, and co-parenting matters relating to their children.” According to Aryn’s lawyer, Jill Hersh, “Aryn is glad to have an arrangement that will offer stability and continuity for the children so that their best interests remain the first priority.”

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The documents state that “the parents shall have equal access to the children’s school, medical, dental, and activities records” and that “each parent shall be identified as a person who the children’s school or activity will contact in the event of an emergency.” Additionally, it said “Neither parent is allowed to use the kids or the kids’ daycare providers as a means of communication between them for any reason. Neither spouse is permitted to question a child care provider, and neither is permitted to introduce a romantic partner to the kids before the partnership has lasted at least six months.”

Aryn and Jesse: Temporary Settlement Agreement Reached?

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Jesse was supposed to give Aryn a $160,000 advance that would be split into two parts: $100,000 would be used for “temporary spousal support for [Aryn] and child support on behalf of the parties’ minor children,” and the other $60,000 would be used to pay for Aryn’s legal expenses. The advance was to be paid out over the course of Jesse’s first three Grey’s Anatomy paychecks from the 14th season in three parts.

Jesse Relationship Current Status:

greys anatomy divorce

After dating for almost a year, Jesse and Minka decided to call it quits. What caused their breakup is unknown. Jesse is required to pay child and spousal support as of June 20, 2018.

How Much does Jesse Pay Child and Spousal Support to His Wife?

Jesse has been mandated to give Aryn $100,000 per month in child and spousal support, according to court records acquired by Us Weekly. The money will be divided, with the remainder going to his estranged wife and $50,629 going for child maintenance. Until a formal agreement is made, this order is supposedly temporary.

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