It’s Time to Dive Deeper Into ‘the Bachelorette’ Star Aven Jones

Time for a Deep Dive on Aven Jones From ’The Bachelorette’

We will get to meet a whole new bunch of attractive single men who are simply out there trying to find love (and ideally a sponson contract!) in this harsh, uncertain world when The Bachelorette returns to our lives in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Because Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia were both chosen by ABC to be co-Bachelorettes, this season will be a little bit different, but don’t worry—they won’t be competing against one another.

We do know that each of Gabby and Rachel will wind up with their own pool of prospects, though the specific formatting aspects of their season are still a little hazy. We now come to Aven Jones.

The time has come to get to know 28-year-old Aven better since, according to spoilers, he will have a lot of screen time this season. Also, there are some spoilers up ahead, but we’ll let you know in advance. So for the time being, this is a safe area!)

Who asks what he sells? Unknown, but he works in San Diego, California, where Katie Thurston and many other recent Bachelor Nation alums call home.

According to the bio writer for ABC, “Aven’s life is driven by desire. Aven pours his passion into whatever he does, whether it’s dominating the sales game at work or hooping on the weekends. He tries to approach love with the same mindset, but he hasn’t yet met the right person.

Aven is crystal clear about the kind of relationship he seeks in a partner: “Someone who is loyal, honest, and able to naturally bring out his humorous side.” Additionally, he hopes to find someone who “will value quality time together above all else” and enjoys traveling as much as he does. Prior to all else? “Aven wants to develop a real connection with someone that goes beyond the surface, and when he meets the perfect one, he is willing to risk all to find him forever.”

Aven is one of the four guys Rachel goes on hometown dates with, in other words. We know that Rachel visited Aven’s family in Salem, Massachusetts, in April thanks to Reality Steve’s detective work, and there is even a video of their date:

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no spoilers on how far Aven or the other members of Rachel/final Gabby’s four advance. This might be due to the fact that a large portion of The Bachelorette was shot on a cruise ship (making it possibly easier for producers to keep things under wraps than usual), or it might be because of Reality Steve and other spoiler sources haven’t yet revealed anything. Regardless, we’ll keep you informed about if Aven slipped a ring on Rachel’s finger. (Side note: Since it doesn’t appear that he was cast on Bachelor in Paradise, it’s likely that the advanced rather far!)

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