Is Julie Banderas Divorced Andrew Sansone? Check Here All the details on Fox News Anchor Relationship Status!!

julie banderas divorce

Julie Banderas is a Fox News Channel anchor in New York City. Before transitioning to a weekday anchor post, Banderas presented Fox Report Weekend. She is presently the major fill-in anchor during the weekdays.

Quick Facts:

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inch
Birth Sign: Virgo
Nationality: American
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Television Actor
Employer: Fox News
Net Worth: $12 million dollars
Marital Status: Married
Marriage Date: 2009
Husband: Andrew Sansone
Children: Addison Melissa Avery Julie
Alma Mater: Emerson College
Salary: USD 125,000.00
Date of Birth: 25-09-1973
T.V. Show(s): Fox News Live, The Big Story, Fox Report, Red Eye
Occupations: Researcher
Gender: Female
Description: Researcher

Life in General:

Andrew J. Sansone, a member of Habitat for Humanity’s board of directors and the founder of both Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel, proposed to Banderas with a message-in-a-bottle he purported to find on the shore while clamming on Long Island Sound. On September 21, 2008, she announced their engagement at America’s Election Headquarters. On August 29, 2009, they tied the knot at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. They reside in New York City with their three children.

julie banderas divorce

Julie Banderas joined FNC in 2005 and is now located in New York. The most recent election coverage was in New York City’s mayoral contest, which occurred in 2013. Other ranges include a Southwest flight 345 crash at LaGuardia Airport, which she covered. She also covered Pope Francis’ election and Hurricane Sandy. She’s also worked on the network’s wellness and health stories.

She covered a range of topics while at FNC, including Hurricane Dennis in 2005, the case of Natalee Holloway, a missing student from the United States, and Terri Schiavo, a Florida resident, as well as the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

She worked as an anchor for numerous news stations in New York before joining the FNC. Julia received an Emmy award in 2004 for “Outstanding Newscast.” This was for her to use as a backdrop for her coverage of the National Convention. This stunning woman stands at a respectable height of five feet and four inches, which adds to her attractiveness. In the end, it was her skill and hard work that enabled her to achieve these heights.

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Julie and Her Husband’s Relationship:

Andrew Sansone, her husband, is a director on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors. Big Apple Channel and Old Rock Media are both run by him, and he is the president and founder of both companies. When they were clam digging on an island, he proposed marriage to her by delivering her a note in a bottle. She revealed her engagement to him not long thereafter. She married her partner shortly after that. They are happily married, with no indications of a divorce on the horizon. Addison Melissa and Avery Julie are the couple’s two kids. Currently, the family is based in New York. Shasta is the name of her dog.

Dissension and The Possibility of An Affair:

julie banderas divorce

Banderas’ career has had its ups and downs since she was sacked by a local news station, fox news. The reason for this was most likely because she had an affair with a photographer, and images of her with the married photographer were published in a daily newspaper.

Despite the allegations of an affair, her on-screen charisma and stellar reputation quickly overshadowed the situation. How much does she earn? 12 million dollars is a rough estimate. She had made up her mind to stay put. Despite this setback in her career, she was quickly reintegrated into Fox News Channel, and Julie and Andrew are now living in New York, where they live a pleasant and easy existence.

Family and Professional Development:

Julie Banderas gave birth to her first kid with her husband in 2010. They reside in Manhattan, New York City, with their three children. She had returned to Fox News Channel as a general news journalist by that time. Julie Banderas’ career has progressed steadily since then, despite the recent downturn in her field.

Julie had another daughter, Avery Julie Sansone, by the year 2012. The family plastered photos of the newborn infant all over the web. They’re always on social media. Julie bought a condo for $2.38 billion in the same year, after haggling her way out of the $2.65 million price tag.

Andrew Sansone is the president and co-founder of Concrete Media, a marketing and advertising agency in New Jersey, as well as the president and creator of This is an internet television network that focuses on broadcasts from New York City. He also sits on the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity.

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Banderas has covered incredible stories in the past, and that is unlikely to change in the future. She has recently covered a variety of political and security stories, including President Donald Trump’s speeches and public announcements, as well as terrorism and foreign events. On January 4, 2017, it was reported that “Trump is already shattering the mold of the presidency,” and on January 21, 2017, it was reported that “anti-Trump protests are sweeping the country.”

She also covers a variety of health and body-related news and recommendations, such as “Therapies to Heal Sexual Trauma,” which she published on November 15, 2016. As a news anchor and as a person, Julie Banderas is well-known for her relentless pursuit of the truth and fair reporting. Her Twitter account is meant to highlight news or events that are not generally covered by the media, rather than just uploading images of her family (as she does on her Instagram account).

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