INDIA-NEPAL Housing Rehabilitation Project
INDIA-NEPAL Housing Rehabilitation Project

India Funded 1.54 Billion to Nepal for Housing Rehabilitation Project

After a long up and down in the India-Nepal relationship, there is a good initiative taken by India. What is a good initiative? To know go through the news about the Housing Rehabilitation Project below and know the reason for funding also.

The reason behind the funding is the promise which was made by India to Nepal after a disaster that hit them badly.

Let’s know the initiative and the promise made by India to Nepal?

India has provided Rs 1.54 billion (Rs 154 crore) to Nepal. India has provided financial assistance of 1.54 billion rupees for a project to rehabilitate houses damaged by last year’s earthquakes and natural disasters in the country.

INDIA-NEPAL Housing Rehabilitation Project
INDIA-NEPAL Housing Rehabilitation Project

Reason for Funding 1.54Billion | Housing Rehabilitation Project

Nangya Khampa, deputy chief of the Indian embassy in Nepal, handed over the check to Finance Secretary Sishir Kumar Dhungana on Thursday.
Nepal’s attitude towards India has recently changed. China is at loggerheads with India’s overpressure.

The creation of a new map claiming Indian territories as its own has eroded relations between the two countries. However, India stands by Nepal.
Thousands of homes were uprooted in Nepal last year due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, heavy rains, and floods. Today, India has fulfilled its promise. Nepal receives Rs 154 crore fund check for the housing rehabilitation project.


India-Nepal Housing Rehabilitation Project news is trending now all over the world. Especially between India & Nepal and the reason that has been told.

This is really good news for both countries.

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