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my drinky after shark tank

What Exactly Is Inch Bug?

The Original Orbit Label is a customizable, non-adhesive, and reusable label designed to wrap around infant bottles and Sippy cups. InchBug is situated in Austin, Texas. Large families, schools, and daycare centers will find it handy.

Another popular product is MyDrinky, an adjustable juice box holder designed to keep kids from becoming sticky when drinking juice. Feldman started her firm with InchBug Orbit Labels in 2004, a simple stretch-and-release band that fits snugly around a variety of containers and can be easily customized with a child’s name.

In 2004, my child was enrolled in a Mother’s Day Out facility, and I was informed that her Sippy cups would be labeled with her name. This was done to prevent germs and cross-contamination. I tried a permanent marker that faded in the dishwasher and tape that always tripped and fell off the cup.

There must be a more effective method! I came up with The Original Orbit Label, my first product and the core of InchBug, in a dazzling “light bulb” moment. She has lately expanded her allergy alerts to include adhesive stickers that may be placed on clothing, goods, or food.

A child’s name can also be added to the stickers. Feldman stops by with her newest invention, the MyDrinky juice box holder. When placed in a MyDrinky, a juice box cannot be squeezed or spilled.

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Who Is the Founder of InchBug/ myDrinky?

Feldman, Brenda Lee

At the Shark Tank Pitch, What Happened to Inch Bug/my Drinky?

The labels cost $8 to $13, and any product may be personalized with a child’s name in the typeface and color scheme of your choice. InchBug also sells training pants, bibs, silverware, swim goggles, and other accessories, however, the MyDrinky has yet to be released.

Feldman will almost probably need the services of a Shark to help her scale up MyDrinky manufacturing. Brenda is searching for $400,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in her firm. This signifies that the item is worth $4 million.

She gives away MyDrinkys and orbit labels as samples, demonstrating that she isn’t a one-product company. Mr. Wonderful is perplexed as to why she is valued at $4 million when she is speaking. The Sharks aren’t thrilled when she tells them she’s only sold $50,000 of MyDrinky.

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When she tells them the orbit labels have a lifetime sales value of $15 million, she grabs their attention again. Revenues for the preceding year were $2 million. Brenda keeps coming to MyDrinky, despite the Sharks’ obvious interest in the labels. She wishes to be able to purchase it at a shop.

Brenda had a regular $2 million yearly revenue and was “living the dream” with Orbit Labels, according to Robert Herjavec, but retail was a huge endeavor for him and he was stepping out. Brenda was ‘Killing it,’ but Mark Cuban thought her aim of entering the whole new world of retail was a horrible idea.

Barbara rejects the MyDrinky Concept concept and departs. Lori was underwhelmed and, before departing, wished Brenda luck. Mr. Wonderful, surprisingly, offers $400,000 in exchange for a $1 per unit royalty until his $1.2 million investment is repaid. In exchange for this, he wants 5% of the firm. Brenda is interested in retail and Kevin pledges to promote the business on social media.

Kevin then clarifies that his offer is contingent on his not working in retail. Brenda isn’t pleased with this and refuses the offer, leaving her without a contract and out of the tank.

After the Shark Tank Pitch, Inch Bug/my Drinky:

my drinky after shark tank

Brenda did go to Bed Bath & Beyond’s Buy Buy BABY and a few other local stores. MyDrinky is also available online through the InchBug website, Amazon, and other online retailers. Brenda released Orbit Label 2.0 in August 2021, which has contrasting personalization without the need for ink or paint and is the first kid-safe silicone label on the market.

A dinosaur, a grin, a cupcake, a heart, a trophy, a diamond, a rocket, and a unicorn were among the extra symbols she introduced. The yearly revenue of the corporation is $5 million.

Net Worth of Inch Bug/my Drinky

Brenda appears on Shark Tank 2016 in search of $400,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in her firm. This signifies that the item is worth $4 million.

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