Best Ikea Eket Hacks with Exclusive Look!


We all love storage wherever we can find it, and this fantastic innovation constructed with an IKEA Besta Frame, upholstery, legs, and doors not only makes a great ENTRANCE but can also be used as a bench and store shoes and other items.

A piece of furniture with a plain boxy shape may not appear to be much at first glance, but it is actually a great base for hacks. Since the cabinets can be stacked or placed on the wall, there are several customization choices.

IKEA hacks have adopted a variety of furniture trends. Here are ten brilliant IKEA EKET hacks that are applicable to practically any area in your home.

1. Build Your Own Vanity

floating vanity

The floating vanity is an item of the present that we’d all like to have. And it may be less difficult than you believe. After mounting two sets of EKET cabinets, add a new tabletop of solid wood cut to size for a sleek and contemporary appearance.

2. Cabinet IKEA Stall Fluted

fluted cabinet

The IKEA Stall shoe cabinet is a pretty helpful cabinet for keeping all of the shoes you have lying around the house. By adding wooden components, however, this modification has given it a far more intriguing and elegant appearance.

3. IKEA Desk Hack


With so many individuals now establishing home offices, this is the ideal answer for a double desk that offers ample space and a stylish design. Come on over for the complete instruction, and keep in mind that the color and finish are all about what you want.

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4. Tall Multi-Use Cabinet


Consider vertical storage if you lack floor room for storage. In the playroom, a do-it-yourselfer accomplished just that. Constructed a space-efficient storage unit by combining cabinet doors and compartments from the EKET dark grey range. the doors on the bottom store larger goods.

5. Storage Unit Made of Woven Cane

storage unit of wooden

This woven cane storage console hack exemplifies the cane furniture style so beautifully and effectively. This transforms the cabinet into a remarkable piece of furniture.

6. Cubbies on the Water


The EKET cubbies are also available in a variety of hues, and they may be mounted on the wall for a simple, geometric storage in vibrant hues. These colorful blocks look great in a primary-colored space.

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7. Cane Cabinet


This gorgeous cane cabinet is the result of another cane hack. This would be an eye-catching addition to your home and would work nicely in any space.

8. Bar Cart Rolling

bar cart rolling

A pair of EKETS cubes piled on top of one another are the ideal height for a bedside table or bar cart. Add wheels for enhanced movement and pattern and color for enhanced appeal.

9. IKEA Eket Cabinet Hack

ikea hacks

In 2021, everyone hurried to modify the IKEA Eket cabinet, which is a plain cabinet. Those unadorned but attractive cabinets were begging for a makeover! This modification enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Eket cabinet.

10. Wooden Rod Ikea Ivar Modification

ikea wodeen dowel

It would suffice to add some wooden dowels to a piece of furniture to elevate it. You will be incredibly encouraged to create, and you may apply this process to other products.

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