Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update 2022-Click to Know Why No Shark Break The Deal!

ice age meals shark tank update

On September 23, 2016, Ice Age Meals aired on Shark Tank. After failing to justify his $10 million value, founder Nick Massie exited the tank without a contract from the sharks. Here’s a rundown of what transpired during the frozen paleo meals pitch, as well as information on an Ice Age Meals update following Shark Tank.

Ice Age Meals Quick Facts:


Ice Age Meals

Company Net Worth:

$3.5 million


Paleo meals shipped to your home


Nick Massie

Asked For:

$100,000 for 10% equity


No deal


No shark


Ice Age Meal After Shark Tank:

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 2, founder Nick Massie introduced Ice Age Meals to the sharks. The firm provides frozen paleo meals that can be delivered to your home and cooked fast for a paleo supper. If you’re unfamiliar with the paleo diet, it consists of foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while avoiding sugar totally.

Ice Age Meals began selling in August 2015, and by the time it appeared on Shark Tank, the firm had grossed $1.5 million. Nick did not provide profit percentages, although each meal costs a little under $3 to prepare and retails for $10. Nick also said that he was working on a partnership with the official CrossFit brand.

Despite strong sales and a prospective acquisition in the works, the sharks weren’t convinced by Nick’s $10 million estimates, and he couldn’t explain why the company was worth that much. Nick didn’t receive any bids since he couldn’t give the sharks a response, and Ice Age Meals left the tank empty-handed.

Ice Age Dinners is still in operation as of 2020, according to its website, and has prepared meals for over 30,000 clients. Nick told Business2Community that Ice Age Meals has grown significantly since the show aired. “We’ve extended our operations, purchased a freezer facility, purchased all new equipment, taken over an office space, and we’re currently installing a massive blast chiller,” Nick explained. “A lot has changed, but the core of what we’re about hasn’t.”

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Where Did the Pitch Go?

ice age meals shark tank update

Before going into his presentation, Nick surprised The Sharks by performing pushups to release his anxious energy. He jumped in with both feet, saying he wanted $1,000,000 for 10% of his business.

He gave The Sharks a poem about his company’s aim and attitude before explaining what he accomplished.

The product piqued Robert’s interest straight away, and Mark went through some of the features with him. When Nick couldn’t provide any data or details about where his assessment originated from, the conversation of talks came to a screeching halt.

In the end, all of the judges except Lori presented poetry explaining why they couldn’t accept Nick’s offer. They thanked Nick for coming to speak with them, but they didn’t give him a deal.

Ice Age Meals’ Net Worth:

Before appearing before The Sharks to attempt to negotiate a deal, he had already made an incredible $1.5 million in sales and has subsequently grown his net worth to over $3.5 million.


ice age meals shark tank update

Nick has indicated that the exposure his firm received as a result of its presence on Shark Tank helped him connect with additional CrossFit deals, and he has been hosting a booth at the CrossFit Games every year to help spread the word about his brand.

He still thinks this is a billion-dollar firm, and he’s set a goal for himself to make sure his meals are available in grocery stores and whole foods before calling his product development finished.

He claims that he has tripled his personnel and that he now has a freezer facility, new equipment, and enhanced office space where his crew can work comfortably.


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