ICC Europe Qualifiers
ICC Europe Qualifiers

ICC Europe Qualifiers Move to Spain: A Change of Scenery

The ICC has confirmed that two events will be relocated for the remainder of their duration to Spain because Covid restrictions in the UK have made it difficult. The European Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier and European Men’s U19 World Cup Qualifiers are both being hosted at La Manga from 26th to 30th August as well as September19-25 respectively.

The CWC League 2 ODI tri-series between Scotland, Namibia, and Nepal has been postponed until 2022. With tightening Covid restrictions preventing teams from traveling the six match trilateral series was originally scheduled to be played in Scotland but now will take place at the Desert Springs ground outside of Almeria making Spain only the second Continental European country (after Netherlands) to host men’s ODIs.

The League 2, the ICC’s second tier of men’s ODI competition has now been on hiatus for over 18 months. Nepal hosted the United States and Oman in February 2018 but only five out of 21 series have been played since then.

The League 2 is a pathway to global qualification for 2023 World Cup which starts with 5 teams from each region playing against one another before being narrowed down into 1 team that will play at this prestigious event next year!

This is a time of change in the European Men’s U19 World Cup Qualifier as Guernsey and Denmark have withdrawn from this year’s tournament. Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, and Jersey are left to battle it out for one spot at La Manga. This competition also includes Women’s T20 Qualifiers with debuts by France and Turkey who will compete against current ICC members: Ireland; The Netherlands; Scotland; Germany

The relocation of the European Men’s Under-19 World Cup qualifier has forced the withdrawal of Guernsey and Denmark owing to academic commitments while leaving four countries vying for only one qualifying slot which already leaves these competitions without two established teams worth mentioning (Guernsey).

For the second time this year, a promising event has been canceled due to fear of infection. This is most likely not what anyone wanted for these countries that are already struggling economically and health-wise with Ebola spreading through them like wildfire.

This summer’s World Cup Qualifier Africa Division 2 Tournament was canceled after news surfaced that another country in their region (Tanzania) had also banned entry from any person under 50 years old who might have potentially come into contact with an infected individual or those living within 20 kilometers of where they may live on account of how quickly the virus can spread throughout communities given its potential incubation period lasting up 10 days before symptoms arise – as demonstrated by West African nations such as Sierra Leone and Liberia which were once considered.

ICC Head of Events, Chris Tetley said:

“Whilst it is disappointing that Denmark and Guernsey will not be able to participate in the U19 Regional Qualifier, we are grateful for the efforts of everyone involved to enable these events to be rescheduled and give us the best possible chance of restarting ICC pathway events in Europe. The relocation of both events from Scotland to Spain will hopefully provide us with the first ICC pathway events since February last year.

“Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in Africa, we had no other option but to cancel the Division 2 Africa Qualifier in the U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup pathway. In accordance with the principles approved by the ICC Board in November 2020, Tanzania and Rwanda will participate in the Africa U19 Regional Final in Nigeria from 25 September to 1 October.

“The sixth series of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2 between Scotland, Nepal and Namibia is now postponed to July 2022. We tried our best to play the series, but the tightening of restrictions in Namibia left us with no alternative but to postpone the event.”

Cricket Scotland Chief Executive, Gus Mackay said: 

“It is disappointing that the Men’s CWC League 2 series has not been able to go ahead. We know that it is possible to create safe environments where cricket can be played but moving teams around the world within the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19 travel restrictions is challenging.

“I’d like to thank everyone at the ICC, Nepal, Namibia, Cricket Espana and Cricket Scotland who have worked hard behind the scenes to give these matches the best chance of going ahead. I’m also grateful to Desert Springs, which is a fantastic facility, for all their hard work in obtaining the required approvals from local authorities and we are looking forward to the events taking place in La Manga.

“While Scottish Government regulations on travel mean that we were unable to host any international ICC events in 2021, I hope that those regulations will be reviewed soon to allow international cricket to restart in this country.”

Cricked Espana Chief Executive John Howden said: 

“Cricket Espana are delighted to have the opportunity to host these two prestigious ICC pathway events.

“We feel the frustration of Cricket Scotland for not being able to host the matches, as also Cricket Finland and Cricket Belgium, who also have been denied Men’s T20 World Cup pathway event hosting opportunities this year through no fault of their own. Cricket Espana will endeavor to champion all their efforts to make both tournaments wonderful successes.”

Final Words

The ICC Europe Qualifiers will now be held in Spain and it looks like a great opportunity for cricket fans to check out some of the best talents from around Europe. Cricket is an international sport that brings people together so it’s no surprise that they’re looking for ways to make sure this event can accommodate as many Europeans as possible! We hope you’ll join us next summer at the new venue, just outside Madrid, when these teams battle it out on Spanish soil. Who knows – maybe we’ll see your team there?

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