Hydromax Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Hydromax After Shark Tank Pitch?

hydromax shark tank

What Is Hydromax?

For football players who are concerned about dehydration, HydroMax is a basic, easy-to-use solution. The HydroMax System holds 16 ounces of fluid on the back of a person’s body, allowing them to perform at their peak while wearing it. Hydromax is a specialized hydration gadget designed exclusively for football players.

It contains a secret sipping tube to keep fluids cool while on the field, and football players can wear it between their shoulder pads to stay hydrated while on the field. Simply sucking on the bite valves attached to the protect water bag through a pair of high-strength tubes allows an athlete to hydrate.

Despite the fact that the HydroMax system was created for football, it may be utilized in any contact sport, including soccer and lacrosse.

Who Is the Hydromax Founder?

Chris Spencer, the founder of HydroMax System, attended San Francisco State University and played baseball. Spencer was drafted by both the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros to play Major League Baseball in 2004, one year after graduating from college, but he chose to pursue his creative love instead of pursuing a career in baseball.

From 2005 through 2011, Spencer was the Executive Director of HydroMax. From 2007 to 2013, Spencer worked at Verizon as a Business Development Manager. Following his departure from Verizon, he spent four years as a Sales Manager with AT&T before joining T-Mobile as an Account Executive.

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Spencer grew up in Houston, Texas, and was a huge football lover. Spencer noticed a simple remedy to on-field dehydration as he reminisced on his college experiences. He worked hard to get a patent for his idea, and by 2007, he had a fully functional device.

Spencer had a winner on his hands after his product won the Technology Outreach Program’s Product of the Year award after placing first on “Made in the USA.” Despite this, Spencer left the company after marrying the love of his life. Spencer successfully negotiated a contract with Jeff Foxworthy on Shark Tank in 2011 after revisiting the HydroMax System concept.

Hydromax Before Shark Tank:

The Hydrax was created by Chris Spencer of Houston, Texas. He got the idea for the device while playing football as a kid. Because there are currently 14 million children playing football, America’s most popular sport, and some of them are dying from dehydration, Chris is passionate about this product.

As a result, Chris created Hydromax, a device that will keep kids and other athletes hydrated during their activities by giving them water. Hydromax is a hydration solution for athletes that may be fitted to their shoulder pads. The hydration advice is easily attached with Velcro, and the device’s sturdy design will endure tackles on the football field.

The Hydromax includes a 16-ounce water pouch as well as a water tube that extends through the shoulder pads, allowing football players to effortlessly sip water. Chris founded Hydromax in 2007, but soon after married and started a family. To provide the maximum support for his family, he has given up on his aim of bringing Hydromax to market.

Chris is just as determined today as he was when he was 17 to find a distributor for his goods. Despite the fact that he is still employed full-time in the corporate sector, he understands the need of taking quick action to advertise the product. He goes into the shark tank looking for financial help, a business partner, and, most importantly, someone to help him build distribution channels for his products.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Hydromax?

Chris Spencer, the founder of Hydromax, went on Shark Tank in search of a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 25% share in the company. Jeff Foxworthy, a guest Shark, offered $50,000 for a 50% interest in Hydromax. Chris Spencer gladly accepted the Foxworthy offer. Chris Spencer left Shark Tank after striking a deal with Shark Jeff Foxworthy.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Hydromax?

hydromax shark tank

Chris and Guest Shark Jeff Foxworthy Forged a Partnership so That the Two of Them Could Play Football in A 50/50 Game. Jeff Foxworthy Invested in Chris’ Company and Assisted Him in Launching Hydro Max.

Hydromax Can Be Used on A Wide Range of Football Players, from Youth in Local Leagues to Professional Teams Like the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers. Chris Was Successful in Making Football Safer, and He Now Runs His Own Business. Chris Spencer’s System Has Proven to Be Successful, and He Is Now the Company’s Ceo.

Hydromax Is Still in Operation in 2022, With A $2 Million in Yearly Sales. Since Chris Spencer’s Participation on Shark Tank, Hydromax Has Been a Huge Success. Chris Was Able to Bring His Hydromax Product to Market Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy’s Funding and Expertise, Making It a Must-Have for High School and College Football Teams.

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The Hydromax System Is Presently Used by Several Professional Football Players in Clubs Such as The Dallas Cowboys and The San Diego Chargers. the Hydromax System Can Also Be Purchased Directly from The Hydromax Website. Chris Was Able to Leave His Corporate Position and Become the Full-Time Ceo of His Own Firm After Appearing on Shark Tank.

What Happened to U-Lace After Shark Tank?

This Is One of Shark Tank’s Greatest Triumphs Since Jeff Foxworthy Has Gotten a Return on His Investment.

Is Hydromax Still in Business?

With an Annual Revenue of $2 Million, Hydromax Is No Longer in Operation as Of 2022. Spencer Has Stepped Down as The Executive Director of Hydro Max. He Describes His Relationship with Foxworthy as “tentative.” Spencer Has Worked in The Telecoms Industry Since Leaving Shark Tank.

His Present Position as A Sales Leader with At&t’s Fibre Rollout Business in Houston. He Is Also Pursuing His Mba at The Jack Welch Management Institute.

What Is Hydromax’s Net Worth?

When Hydromax First Appeared on Shark Tank, It Was Valued at $200,000. Hydromax Has a Net Worth of $2 Million as Of 2022.

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