Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date & Updates Till Now Coming Soon

Hunter X Hunter Season 7
Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter x Hunter was popular with fans from 2006 until now. After the last season ended, fans are waiting for season 7.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Lot Of Things You Need To Know

The series was also released in a reprint edition. In it, the pages were colored and not black and white.

The English version of the manga was licensed in North America. Viz Media distributed it in their Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha magazine. It can also be read for free on their website.

A spin-off was translated by Viz Media and included in their English manga magazine. They also translated it into a German version of Shonen Jump magazine called Banzai.

How Many Anime Series Are Made For The Franchise?

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The popularity of the manga is proof that people liked the anime. There are two anime adaptations, one started in 1999 and the other in 2011.

This is about a show called Hunter X Hunter. It was made by Nippon Animations. It became popular when it first came out, but people had trouble seeing the show because of limitations in animation at the time. But now it can be watched on sites like Funimation.

Created and produced by Madhouse, this show was released in October 2011. It ran for 3 years until September 2014. The series finished after the 6th season that had 148 episodes. Fans have been asking for a 7th season since the last episode of the 6th season aired. Some sources say that there is not enough source material left for another season of HxH. Some other sources, however, hint strongly at the production of Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

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Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Storyline

Hunters are humans who go out to search for things. They can find animals, treasures, or people. One hunter is going to find a bounty and then get it. Only some people have the privilege to do whatever they want.

However, it is not easy to become a Hunter. They have to pass the difficult Hunter examination with low success rates. But this story focuses on Gon who was lied about his family’s death and was still alive all along only that he was told by the people from his hometown that they died due to sacrifice flower eruption. He learns that his father does not have a new identity. He is still the same person.

Gon chooses to take the Hunter Exam. There he meets three new people from Kurapika, Killua, and Leorio. Killua is an assassin who left his family and became a hunter. The group then has a fight with Hunter x Hunter Hisoka, the show’s main bad guy. He can be silly and he likes Gon.

The last episode of the season was all about closure. The characters finally got what they wanted. Gon finally met his father and they had an emotional conversation. Ging met Gon on top of the World Tree and told him how he wished to become a Hunter so he could explore the world outside of their map. As an ant, Hisoka wanted to find out where he came from.

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After returning his Hunter’s License to Ging, Gon goes back and gets his own. Kurapika also finishes up by completing the last rituals of the eyes of his family.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

No new episodes of the anime have aired or been announced. We have enough material for another season and there might be a new season in 2022. Fans are waiting for a new season of Hunter X Hunter. It will come out in 2018. Hisoka is in it and he is being featured prominently.

However, it is hard to ignore that the story is nearly finished. All the characters have now completed their purposes and they are also busy with other projects. The makers of the product have not said anything yet.

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