Hunter Moore Net Worth: Well-Liked Criminal’s Income, Early Life and Other Updates!

hunter moore

American online entrepreneur and former felon Hunter Moore are from Sacramento, California. The “most despised man on the Internet,” according to Rolling Stone.

on the list of the most well-liked criminals. Listed among the renowned celebrities who were born in the United States on the elite list.

Hunter Moore is a Pisces, according to astrologers.

The native Californian started what was possibly the first revenge porn website before going to great measures to not only increase views but also party hard while eluding accountability.

Early Life

American criminal Hunter Moore is a well-known felon from Sacramento, California. On March 9, 1986, he was born in Sacramento, California. Moore got his first name because of his father’s love of hunting.

Moore is also an entrepreneur, as evidenced by the framed T-shirt from his first paid job that is claimed to be in his bedroom. In the eighth grade, following his expulsion from a private Christian school, he established the T-shirt business.

He was a DJ prior to being well-known for creating and managing a revenge porn website.

Past Career

Being an “angry” kid, a high school dropout, and a part of the “Scene,”

Hunter never once hid his unyielding, traditional interests in sex, drugs, pornography, and money. He apparently entered the adult industry as a hairstylist for a fetish-porn website practically as soon as he turned 18 in order to use his people talents to make valuable contacts.

With the six-figure sum, he’d recovered from a retail store for sexual harassment, he then took a trip across Europe, Japan, and Australia before coming home and starting a sex-party business.


He was given a term of at least two years in jail after entering a guilty plea to encourage hacking and aggravated identity theft.

Additionally, Moore employed a hacker to access the victim’s email accounts and take private images for posting. After obtaining information from the mother of one of the victims, the FBI opened an investigation into Moore in 2012. The website was shut down in April 2012 and bought by an anti-bullying organization.

Net Worth

Hunter Moore’s net worth is presumably in the $1 million area as of writing because he is a well-known American criminal due to his 16-month-long internet business, his partying habits, his legal issues, and his ensuing job. His popularity is growing.

Moore is reputedly the wealthiest criminal, and he acquired all of his income via the illegal porn website he started.

Moore is also anticipated to receive more income from his book, which he wrote after being released from prison. From the Netflix documentary series, he might also earn a lot of money.

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Legal Proceedings

He was found guilty of developing a website where unlawful activities might be committed. His website was taken down in 2012, and the police started looking into his location. 2014 saw his incarceration as a result of an investigation into his behavior.

However, it is said that after being released in 2017 and paying a fine, he published his book the next year. There is no way to locate him precisely in 2022, and we still don’t know where he is.


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