Hunter Biden Divorce Reason: Kathleen Biden Sobs In Court As Her Divorce To Hunter Biden Is Finalized- Check Here For More Details

hunter biden divorce

Robert Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970) is the second son of US Vice President Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden. Biden has also worked as a lobbyist, banker, public administration official, and registered lobbyist-firm attorney, as well as investing in hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity funds.

Private Life:

In 1993, Biden married Kathleen Buhle. Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy are their three daughters. In 2017, the couple divorced. In 2016, Biden began dating Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau Biden; the relationship terminated in 2019.

Biden is also the father of a girl, Lunden Alexis Roberts, who was born in August 2018 in Arkansas. In May 2019, Roberts filed a paternity claim, which was settled in March 2020. In May of this year, Biden married South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen. Beau, their son, was born in Los Angeles in March 2020.

Robert Hunter Biden Divorce Reason:

hunter biden divorce

Kathleen Biden filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years, Hunter, late last year, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to Superior Court documents in Washington, D.C. Kathleen’s Dec. 9 complaint and subsequent papers outline the couple’s tumultuous relationship, which dates back to at least 2015, shortly after Hunter’s brother, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, died of brain cancer.

Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, confirmed to the New York Post on Wednesday that he is dating Beau’s widow, Hallie. “Hallie and I are tremendously lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a tough period, and that’s been evident to the people who love us most,” the 47-year-old lawyer, investment manager, and former lobbyist told Page Six. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have family and friends who have backed us up throughout the process.”

Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Hallie Oliver’s father, Ron Oliver, have all shown their support for the pair in public. Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, has a brief bio. ‘Hunter is my heart,’ Joe Biden says of his son’s battle with addiction. As the discussion over Biden-Trump and Ukraine rages on, related legal proceedings are being heard in Delaware.

“We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie met each other when they were putting their lives back together after such grief,” Joe Biden, who served in the United States Senate for 36 years, told Page Six. They have my and Jill’s entire support, and we are delighted for them.”

Hallie, 43, has worked as a guide and admissions counsellor at high schools. With her late husband, Beau Biden, she has two children, Natalie and Hunter. This week, she was unavailable for comment.

Kathleen, 48, a full-time mother and homemaker, has three children with Hunter. According to court records, she has not worked outside of their D.C. home since they married. Kathleen met Hunter when they were both working for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Chicago. Later, when her father-in-law was running for vice president, she campaigned for him.

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Edward Kennedy with Hunter’s father, Vice President Joe Biden, and wife Jill on Aug. 29, 2009, in Arlington, Virginia. Hunter, according to her complaint, failed to adequately support the family after the couple divorced in October of 2015. According to the complaint, Hunter directed his office to reduce Kathleen’s $17,000-per-month payment to $7,500 in late 2016. According to property records, the couple acquired a six-bedroom home in D.C. for approximately $1.6 million in 2006.

According to a Feb. 23 motion filed by Kathleen, Hunter has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars from the couple’s marital assets by “spending extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations) while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills.” Hunter’s motion asks the court to prevent him from “dissipating” the assets any further.

hunter biden divorce

Hunter was expelled from the Navy Reserve in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. He had been a public affairs officer for less than a year. Hunter’s lawyers have yet to react to the motion filed on February 23. The court date for the next hearing is March 30.

In response to Kathleen’s initial complaint, Hunter denied that his actions caused the couple to divorce and claimed that he had adequately supported the family during his divorce. Further, Hunter’s attorney has requested that Kathleen furnish all documents, including letters, cards and emails “between you and any person that you had a romantic or sexual relationship with other than your husband during the marriage.”

Kathleen requested Hunter to leave their Washington home in July 2015, two months after Beau Biden’s death, “due to his actions the night before,” according to court filings filed by her counsel. The lawsuit doesn’t go into detail about the behaviour, merely stating that the pair had previously addressed how such behaviour would not be accepted.

Rebekah Sullivan, Kathleen’s attorney, did not reply to a request for comment on Thursday. Sara Mancinelli, Hunter’s attorney, declined to comment on the claims levelled against her client. In an email to The News Journal, Mancinelli said, “Hunter loves and admires Kathleen as a person, a mother, and a friend.” “At this moment, he hopes their privacy can be maintained.”

Hunter was named chairman of the board of the United Nations World Food Program USA in 2012. He is also a board member of Burisma, one of Ukraine’s leading natural gas businesses. Despite several sources of income, Kathleen’s application states that “the parties’ outstanding debts are startling and daunting.” Credit card debt of more than $313,000, twin mortgages on two residences, and three rejected checks to their cleaner are among them.

Hunter is accused of moving more than $122,000 in marital income into his own bank account while they were separated, according to Kathleen’s complaint. According to the lawsuit, he squandered all of the money in less than two months. Kathleen caught Hunter in possession of a huge diamond worth around $80,000 on Feb. 17, according to the lawsuit, which he eventually returned. Kathleen has asked the court to give her youngest daughter, Maisy, 16, sole custody with “reasonable visitation” from her father.

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According to her Feb. 23 filing, “Mr Biden’s recent conduct creates situations that are unsafe or traumatic for the parties’ children, and his judgement is frequently impaired with respect to their safety, care, and best interests.” Hunter has requested shared custody of Maisy, claiming that “he has always played an active and engaged role in the care and rearing” of the child.

Hunter stated in his Jan. 6 response to the divorce lawsuit that he is willing to pay child support, but that he feels his wife, a college graduate, can become financially self-sufficient. “Ms Biden is able to contribute to her own and the children’s support,” according to the paper.

Divorce Settlement of Robert Hunter Biden:

hunter biden divorce

“She did not receive alimony from Hunter,” Kathleen, 52, reportedly told People Magazine. However, emails on Hunter’s laptop show that their divorce settlement included a requirement that he pay his former wife $37,000 per month in perpetuity – and that when he allegedly skipped payments in 2019, Buhle’s lawyers sent angry letters.

According to DailyMail, Kathleen emailed Hunter’s lawyer in January 2019 and asked, “Is there an update on my alimony?” She was concerned because she hadn’t received her spousal support payments on schedule, and a week later, a letter from her lawyer to Hunter revealed that the couple’s divorce settlement included an agreement for Hunter to pay Buhle at least $37,000 a month.

Sullivan wrote to Mancinelli, “The MSA [Marital Settlement Agreement] provides that RHB shall pay to KBB $37,000 per month as Base Spousal Support commencing 04/01/2017 and continuing thereafter.”


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