How To View Private Twitter Account Without Following?

How To View Private Twitter Account Without Following?
How To View Private Twitter Account Without Following?

Tweets are the only thing that Twitter is about. It is a social media network that disseminates information via tweets. It is also one of the most widely used and followed social media platforms by individuals all around the world. However, in some circumstances, most users want to know how they will read private tweets if they do not follow the individual on Twitter. If you are one of these folks, you have come to the correct spot. In this article, I will explain How to View a Private Twitter Account in 2022.

So, What’s The Point Of Seeing Protected Tweets?

Twitter can be a fantastic tool for staying in touch with fascinating people and learning new things. Also, keeping up with current trends and gossip. However, there are situations when it is preferable to “unfollow” a person’s profile. Even if you want to read the latest updates from individuals you know. Why? It might be for a variety of reasons, such as privacy, or because you do not want to progress the person’s profile to appear more influential by having more followers or fans.

So, I’m here to tell you that it’s really easy to glance at a personal tweet without following them on Twitter. Users can choose to make their tweets public if they so choose. So that they may be seen by anybody. Users can also make their tweets private so that only approved followers can see them. As a result, the majority of users desire to know how to read-protected tweets. Some users password-protect their tweets so that only close business contacts may see tweets containing strategic or economically critical information.

In general, there is no easy way to gain access to a Twitter user’s protected tweets without their consent. To view protected tweets, you must first follow the account and wait for them to approve your follow request. Users can also choose to make their tweets public, so that anybody can see them, or protected so that only approved followers can see them.

What Happens After That?

Following approval, the user’s protected tweets will appear as normal tweets on the Twitter site. It’s worth noting that once you establish an account, your profile is automatically made public. Your tweets are frequently visible to the 500 million+ active users. If you’re a personal user, this might be a little daunting.

So, using various approaches, you’ll be able to access private tweets. If you want to use Twitter to communicate with family and friends, having a large number of eyeballs on your post is not ideal. So, what do individuals do in such a situation? So, like me, you’ll safeguard your Tweets.

Let’s look at how to access Protected Tweets now.

How To View A Private Twitter Account?

Twitter is a platform that provides you with privacy and hence the power to control your information. Similar to how a personal Facebook page may prevent anybody other than your friends from viewing your posts. It is possible that you simply wish to create an account to communicate privately with certain of your close relatives. In these cases, employing protected Tweets and a personal account is beneficial for the users.

A basic privacy option that comes in handy most of the time on Twitter is the ability to limit how people may look at your Twitter account.

  • Navigate to the Twitter Settings tab and look for the Discoverability section.
  • There, you may specify whether other users can locate you on Twitter by using your email address or phone number.
  • You may access and manage any contacts you’ve posted to Twitter, or you can delete any data you’ve uploaded from your account.
  • There, you will discover the Account Privacy area, which allows you to alter it to a personal account.
  • When enabled, only followers who follow you will be able to view your postings.
  • Any new follower(s) will require your personal approval.

Situations In General — How To View A Private Twitter Account In 2022

In most cases, you may have simply linked your Facebook profile to your Twitter account – either by choice or by using a Facebook account to login to Twitter. What occurs in this circumstance is that when someone checks your Facebook page, it displays that you are also available on Twitter. To prevent this:

  • Navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Then select Account.
  • The section on Linked Accounts comes next.
  • Navigate to Facebook and select the “Un-link Account” option.

Using Third-Party Software

Normally Other people/users will not be able to read a user’s recent or other postings if they have set their tweets to private / protected in the Privacy settings. In most cases, people can just see their profile photos and other basic information. Data such as the number of tweets made by the person, the number of followers and followers in their account, the number of likes, and so on. But I’ll show you how to access the protected tweets of other users who protect their tweets.


To access your Twitter account, you must utilize the domain.
There are various general requirements that must be met in order to successfully duplicate this vulnerability, such as:

  • The Protected User must link their Twitter account to
    To gain access to the Protected Tweets, use the API.

Various Methods For Seeing A Password-Protected Twitter Account

  • The user’s side is safeguarded:
  • The protected user’s Twitter handle is
  • Assume the Protected User has previously protected his/her tweets by going to
  • When another user tries to access the victim’s profile, it will now appear like this.
  • Then, go to and select Twitter.
  • Allow or authorize Niche to use your account and complete the remaining steps (including confirming your email address).

On your side (The Side Of The Viewer):

  • The viewer must have a Twitter account, but it is not required to have a Niche account.
  • Simply go to[users twitter]
  • (In this scenario, the victim is, and the viewer will display certain critical information disclosures about the Protected User’s Account.
  • Then, scroll down until you find something like this: /users/52667/posts?accounts=162059
  • When you open it, the complete URL will appear.
    You (the viewer) now have access to the victim account’s protected tweets.


This article attempted to describe how to access private tweets that are protected by Twitter’s privacy settings. We’ve also observed a variety of approaches for seeing Protected Personal tweets. Methods include including links to third-party websites and installing different third-party programs.

As a result of this writing, I believe I have made myself rather obvious. But, if you still have any reservations, read on. Then please write to me in the comments area, and I would be happy to assist you as usual. And, of course, we’ll answer all of your questions and fix all of your issues.

Until then, I wish you farewell!!! Ok, hold on…. before you leave, you might want to read some of my previous blogs. Also, for the sheer reason of broadening your knowledge on a variety of other important issues. Where is it? Here……

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