How To Promote A Video On YouTube?

How To Promote A Video On YouTube
How To Promote A Video On YouTube

Videos on the Internet, due to their enormous popularity among the audience, have become a powerful marketing tool. This method is able to generate a target audience and increase conversion, including sales of goods and services.

It is well-known that search engines offer not only links to relevant pages in the search results for entered queries, but also graphics. This fact should be used to provide the web resource with an additional influx of traffic in the form of those users who watch the video in the issue.

Today we will talk about how to promote on YouTube without having to buy YouTube views every time there is a need to improve statistics.

Why YouTube?

Video is the basis for both entertainment and education, as well as for achieving your business goals. Online stores increase sales conversion with the help of video, service sites talk about their offers, and manufacturers show how one or another product is created.

The main thing is that it is interesting to the target audience. Out of competition in terms of the number of users among them is YouTube. Using its capabilities, you can not only save space on the HDD but also embed videos on your site pages.

The worldwide popularity of YouTube is the first reason to use this particular hosting. In terms of traffic, it is traditionally in the top 10 among all websites in the world. By posting and properly optimizing materials here, you can generate traffic from both search and hosting. An increase in the number of views will turn into transitions to the promoted web resource, and this will positively affect behavioral factors. As a result, the site will move forward in the search.

The second reason to trust YouTube is that it belongs to Google Corporation. As soon as you upload a video to this hosting, you will automatically ensure its indexing and speed up the time it is displayed in the search results.

Another point is free to access to the platform. To use the main features of the service, you just need to create an account.

How To Promote A Video?

In order for the posted videos to be useful and bring traffic, sales, and profit, you need to take into account a number of recommendations regarding both the creation itself and the optimization of materials. We present the most significant.


If we are talking about a commercial video, then experts consider the optimal length to be up to 5 minutes. In most cases, you should generally limit yourself to 90 seconds. The longer the track, the more likely it is that the viewer’s attention will be distracted.

Your goal is to convey useful information to the audience with the help of video, but at the same time, the target audience should not get bored and lose interest in your company/product/service or just what is happening on the screen.


It should be catchy while remaining simple and concise. The beginning should cause the maximum concentration of the viewer’s attention. If, for various reasons, conciseness cannot be achieved, then place the main thing at the very beginning of the video. So, the viewer will involuntarily remember it, even if he does not watch the material.

For example, you can watch ads from TV stores that use short videos to show the main advantages and scope of their products. Videos similar in content are often found in search results for the most competitive commercial phrases.

Accompanying Text

When creating a video in hosting, you can and should make accompanying descriptions. This is an important point for both viewers and SEO. Use keywords in the descriptive text, and make a short but capacious description, explaining to both robots and viewers the content of the published video.


When uploading a video to a hosting server, it is worth prescribing tags using keywords. This work is important, as it is an additional opportunity to prompt and inform search bots about the essence of the content that is being posted.

Effective URL

From the point of view of search promotion, it is recommended to include the title of the video in the URL of the page on the site. It can be done by everyone. Youtube doesn’t give you that option. What to do?

Get around this moment by placing a link to the page of your site with a video in the text description, where the title is written. A link to your web resource should be given at the very beginning of the description. Thanks to this simple trick, not only viewers but also search engines will go to your web resource.

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Content on YouTube has long become an important tool for interacting with users and an effective way to get the target audience. This platform and its functionality to add, optimize and promote can help everyone achieve these goals.

The simple recommendations above will help you attract additional search traffic, as well as users from social networks, absolutely free.

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