How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime With Easy And Simple Steps

How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime
How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime

How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime is a question that is asked most frequently. Don’t worry, Here’s an easy guide on how to do so. But first things first. What is Amazon Prime? What are it’s benefits?

Amazon Prime is a great program for those who are into shopping and who order stuff from Amazon regularly. It offers a lot of benefits that normal users don’t get. You get unlimited free deliveries at home. They will be either the next day or on the same date depending on the location of delivery. Other benefits of Amazon Prime are unlimited photo storage, music streaming, ebook reading and access to Prime video library.

Amazon Prime cancellation is easy and can be done in a few clicks. On cancellation, Amazon refunds partial or full payment according to how you have used it. I can be like this that you have signed up for the Membership and then realised that you don’t need it because the shows that are here can be on other platforms too or you don’t need prime Membership as you don’t buy stuff.

No matter what the reasons are, you can always cancel your prime Membership. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime

How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime
How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime
  1. On, log in with your account details. On the top right corner is a accounts and lists option. Click on the “Your Prime Membership” from the dropdown menu.
  2. The left-hand side of the Prime Membership page will tell you about the membership info including the card chosen for payment and the last day of the membership expiration.
  3. Look for the End Membership and Benefits option on the left side of the page and click on it.
  4. On the next page, after you click on the end membership and benefits, Amazon will try to convince you to stay a Prime member by showing you the benefits of being a prime member. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘I do not want to my benefits’ button.
  5. Amazon will follow up twice to ask if you want to end the Membership and other benefits with it. Click on Continue to cancel and Cancel Membership on the consecutive screens that will appear. This way you can cancel your account.

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If you are a prime member and you want to cancel the subscription, and you haven’t used any of the benefits then you might get a full refund. And if you have used the services and then seek a refund, you will get a partial refund based on the remaining time of the Membership and their usage of the services.

If you are in your free trial period, then you won’t be charged, and therefore you won’t title to any refund on cancellation. Here was a complete answer of the question How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime.

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