Best Hotels Near White Sands National Park

Hotels Near White Sands National Park
Hotels Near White Sands National Park

White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is a breathtaking location. The massive white and gleaming dunes comprise a one-of-a-kind American national park. But where should you stay near White Sands National Park to get the most out of your visit?

White Sands motels with the finest park access are available in Alamogordo. Las Cruces, which is further away from the park, is a larger town with more White Sands hotels.

Places To Stay Near White Sands

Alamogordo – The closest lodging
Las Cruces – More White Sands hotels

Alamogordo, NM – The Best Place To Stay Near White Sands NP

White Sands is about 16 miles (26 kilometers) from Alamogordo. There is no other place to stay near White Sands National Park that is as handy.

The gorgeous national park is within a 20-minute drive from hotels near White Sands National Park in Alamogordo. So you may walk from your White Sands hotel to the white and gleaming dunes with minimal effort.

Alamogordo is not a large city, but it is large enough to contain all of the White Sands lodging and restaurants you need for a pleasurable visit. Many major hotel groups provide White Sands lodging in Alamogordo.

White Sands is the primary attraction in the Alamogordo area, although it is not the only attraction in the city. If you wish to spend some time away from the park, there are side attractions in the city such as the White Sands Missile Range Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Space History. The latter tells a fascinating story of space exploration in the American Southwest.

In a nutshell, Alamogordo is the ideal place to stay near White Sands National Park. There is no other town as close as Alamogordo. However, if you want more White Sands lodging alternatives, Las Cruces is also an excellent option for where to stay when visiting.

Driving distance: 16 mi / 26 km
Driving time: ≈ 20 min
Pick Alamogordo for: White Sands hotels with the best park access.

White Sands Hotels In Alamogordo

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Alamogordo – Excellent Location For A Vacation Near White Sands

The Holiday Inn is not only close to White Sands, but it also provides excellent amenities. You will appreciate modern conveniences when staying in White Sands National Park. After a long day of visiting the national park, the hotel’s indoor swimming pool and hot tub are especially welcome. You can’t go wrong with Holiday Inn when it comes to places to stay near White Sands National Park.

Hampton Inn Alamogordo – Another White Sands Motel That Has It All

The Hampton Inn in Alamogordo is another wonderful White Sands National Park lodging option that includes the entire package. The White Sands Hampton Inn, like the Holiday Inn, has a pool and a hot tub for your enjoyment. Hampton Inn is one of the greatest locations to stay near White Sands National Park because of its convenience and comfort.

White Sands Motel — Traditional & One-of-a-kind White Sands lodging

The White Sands Motel is a historic and one-of-a-kind location to stay in White Sands. It’s a more straightforward location to stay, but it has a nice retro motel vibe that’s easy to fall in love with. And the lovely rooms at White Sands Motel are ideal for your time away from the park.

Las Cruces, NM – More White Sands Lodging In A Larger City A Little Further Away

White Sands National Park is 52 miles (84 kilometers) from Las Cruces. Las Cruces is a less convenient alternative than motels near White Sands National Park in Alamogordo due to the lengthier drive. However, the drive from White Sands accommodation in Las Cruces to the park takes less than an hour.

In addition, Las Cruces is a larger city with more White Sands hotels and dining alternatives. There are several additional sites in Las Cruces that can be combined with White Sands.

Mesilla, a historic town, is located adjacent to Las Cruces. The Mesilla Plaza district is a national historic monument district that is a lot of fun to explore. Another famous attraction in the Las Cruces area is Dripping Springs Natural Area, where you may go for a short stroll in beautiful settings.

To summarize, White Sands lodging in Las Cruces results in a lengthier travel to the national park than motels near White Sands National Park in Alamogordo. However, if you like to stay in a larger city and don’t mind the longer commute, Las Cruces is a terrific alternative for White Sands lodging.

Driving distance: 52 miles (84 kilometers).
Driving time: 50 minutes
Choose Las Cruces if you want: a larger city with more White Sands lodging.

Find Hotels In Or Near White Sands, New Mexico

To locate the finest locations to stay near White Sands National Park, use the booking tool below. Browse the map for possibilities in different areas, or use the search bar to find all White Sands hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Where To Stay Near White Sands National Park]

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding places to stay near White Sands National Park in New Mexico.

Que 1: Where Should I Stay When Visiting White Sands National Park?

Ans: When visiting White Sands National Park, the city of Alamogordo is the logical choice for lodging. However, if you want a wider range of White Sands hotels and restaurants, you should travel to Las Cruces.

Que 2: What Town Is Closest To White Sands National Park?

Ans: Alamogordo is the closest town to White Sands National Monument. The city is about 16 miles (26 kilometers) and 20 minutes away from the magnificent park.

Que 3: Can you stay at White Sands National Park?

Ans: There is no accommodation within White Sands. The closest White Sands hotels to the park can be found in the nearby city of Alamogordo.

Que 4: How Much Time Do You Need To Spend At White Sands National Monument?

Ans: White Sands can be visited and enjoyed in as little as a few hours. But don’t forget to factor in time for sledding, hiking, and other park activities.

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