HoopMaps Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to HoopMaps After Shark Tank?

hoopmaps shark tank

What Is HoopMaps?

A smartphone software called HoopMaps makes it easier to find pickup games nearby. HoopMaps shows the venues for the matches, the start times, and the players. Brothers Donte and Dominic Morris started HoopMaps because they couldn’t find a pickup basketball game. After a three-month coding training, Donte was able to create software.

Basketball games are easier to find, join, and create thanks to HoopMaps. Users of the Android and iOS app HoopMaps can find nearby pickup basketball games. It provides you with a list of available pickup games as well as details about each one, including its location, participants, and time. It is simple to find games, share them with friends, and meet new people thanks to the location-based program.

Who Is the Founder of HoopMaps?

HoopMaps was started by twin brothers Donte and Dominic Morris who were having trouble finding a pickup basketball game. After a three-month coding training, Donte was able to create software. The two brothers came up with the concept for the app while looking for opponents for a pick-up basketball game.

It is essentially a scheduling tool with a built-in social networking feature that enables users to start playing right away. It’s really simple, really. Within the software, you can make, map, or find games. Open the app and look through the blue-colored games to find a game. Games in orange have already started.

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To begin a game, just specify the date, time, place, and duration. Using the app or other social networking sites like Facebook, you can invite other users. They have collected over 10,000 subscribers since its launch in the spring of 2016 and are continually growing. There are also foreign users as the software gains popularity. It’s a good illustration of a task that uses social networking and planning.

How Did HoopMaps Fare During Their Shark Tank Pitch?

Donte and Dominic Morris anticipate succeeding when they promote HoopMaps, their program that makes it simple to find a pick-up basketball game, in episode 9 of Season 9. The two graduates of California State University, Sacramento have big goals for their software and are hoping a Shark can assist them with realizing those plans.

Donte and Dominic join the Tank looking to raise $100,000 in exchange for a $5 percent interest in their $2 million company. They give their presentation, explain how the program functions, and then invite Alex and Mark on stage for a “pickup game.” Mark makes two three-pointers while Alex is unable to make a shot.

Numbers immediately pique Kevin’s curiosity. Although they have 50,000 downloads, no one is paying them. 10,000 people regularly use the app, with New York City accounting for the majority of users.

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Donte asserts that their worth is predicated on their app’s domination of Google search when Alex questions it. The main objective is to charge $8.99 per month for an enhanced service that enables users to find more games.

If the premium service fails, they will monetize through advertising, in response to Barbara’s question. Despite being the first Shark to leave, Lori insists she is not athletic. Kevin is out because he thinks they are winging it when it comes to what works.

Barbara decides to leave since she can’t see a way to make up for her losses. Alex is out because he thinks the company is too small to warrant his investment. Mark is the last Shark to go since he doesn’t like the idea of subscriptions. The twins finally left the pitch without concluding an agreement.

What Happened to HoopMaps After Shark Tank?

HoopMaps had a number of choices thanks to appearances on international television programs including Shark Tank and Sports Center. 90,000 consumers downloaded the app from eleven countries besides the United States.

By introducing them to Big3, an Ice Cube-founded 3-on-3 basketball league, Mark did them a favor. They received additional attention in Sports Center. The brothers were successful in collaborating with elite businesses and creating enduring and reliable business ties.

As of June 2021, the company is still listed as “open,” but the app is broken. It only displays the logo for around 30 seconds after being downloaded before turning it off. The app seems to be no longer accessible.

Net Worth of HoopMaps:

During and after the pitch, the company was given a $2 million valuation; however, the company’s current net worth is unknown.

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