Handy Pan Shark Tank Update 2022-What Happened After Shark Tank?

handy pan shark tank

Handy Pan Founders

Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway have been buddies since they were children. Josh attended Capital University after high school and went on to hold positions of leadership in manufacturing and customer service before becoming the general manager of a strategic technology firm. Adam is a criminal defense and civil rights attorney who graduated from Capital University Law School.
Josh and Adam have a passion for invention, and together they formed Chaudway Innovations LLC, which holds multiple design and utility patents for a variety of culinary devices, including the Handy Pan.

After Shark Tank, what happened to HandyPan?

handy pan shark tank

The HandyPan is a stainless steel cooking tool that made an appearance on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 21. Josh and Adam, HandyPan’s CO creators, delivered a fantastic proposal for funding on Shark Tank. We’ll find out if this startup received investment from the television show Shark Tank later in this article.
In 2020, the global market for commercial kitchen appliances was worth USD 83.83 billion. In 2027, it’s expected to hit USD 131.77 billion.

What Is HandyPan, and Why Should You Use It?

handy pan shark tank

A stainless steel cooking gadget called a HandyPan is available. It aids in the removal of undesirable liquids from pan meals and other similar situations.
Take the arrow and imagine you’re creating some street food and you want to remove the oil from it, but when you remove the oil, some food comes out with it.
So “HandyPan” overcomes this problem; with it, you can effortlessly remove liquids from meals such as oil, etc.
This pan is composed of high-quality ceramic and stainless steel and is extremely simple to clean.
There are several aspects in this that will assist you in preparing a delicious supper. This item costs $29.99.

Benefits of Using A Pan:

handy pan shark tank

The non-stick white ceramic inner surface of the 10″ inch frying pan is environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemical compounds like PFAS and PFOA. The non-stick surface not only makes cooking easier but also uses less oil, which is beneficial to anyone on a low-fat diet.

The stainless steel retractable strainer is built-in and is safe, robust, and ecologically friendly.

The pan’s body is composed of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight yet durable and provides excellent heat transfer.

The pan’s bottom is comprised of stainless steel, which is not only tough but also a great heat transmission medium whether you’re cooking on induction or non-induction surface.

The phenolic resin handle is intended for comfort and functionality, and it does not become heated.

The retractable strainer is controlled by a heat-resistant button that is both sturdy and simple to operate.

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Will Sharks Be Afraid to Invest Because They Are Restricted?

I’m worried about getting a bargain for The Handy Pan. Their website is the first. It’s a really simple system. It lacks the vibe of “I made a bargain with a shark.” Their Facebook page is also devoid of content. They either don’t know much about internet marketing or the product wasn’t well accepted since they didn’t finance on Kickstarter. I believe the former is more likely.

The Sharks, on the other hand, will be looking for sales, which I doubt they have. The ideal partners for this product are definitely Chef Wonderful and Lori. Mr. Wonderful could make you a royalty offer. Lori is onstage trying out the pan in the press release photographs. It may be a nice QVC product if she likes it. For this product, it’ll either be Lori or Kevin or nothing.


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