Halloween Drinking Games That Can Be Played This year

Halloween Drinking Games
Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween is near, and here’s some interesting Halloween Drinking Games. From trick and treat for kids to goofy dressing costumes for kids and adults both, It’s a fun way to ease the stress from work and school, and this year we can say lockdown and quarantine.

As an adult, you have many drinking games to play, and one can eat all the candies without their moms scolding them because they are already adults. One can become spooky and either organize a party or go to a friend’s party and enjoy drinks.

List Of Halloween Drinking Games That You Can Play This Halloween

Halloween Drinking Games
Halloween Drinking Games

Good Witch & Bad Witch

It’s a super easy fun game. It can be played like this. Make two different columns of drinks. One should be good ones, and another side will be bad ones and then flip a coin if the head appears then drink the good one and bad one if tails come. See, Isn’t it a cool game to play.

Boozing For Apple

Another cool game to play this Halloween. Here’s how it is played. Put a tray and fill it will water and then pour water into the tray, and then the player has to pick an apple with its mouth, and hands are not allowed. But since it’s a Halloween game, one always improvises and uses a miniature bottle of alcohol instead of an apple as that is a convenient way to stop the wastage of liquor.

Trick Or Drink

Here’s what you can do in this game. Invite a few friends at your home if there are a lot of kids around. As soon as the doorbell rings, everyone will take a sip. Every time someone says Trick or Treat. Or like a bet, if the kid makes a weird face on getting candies, the one losing will take a sip. Rules can be changed at your convenience.

Costume Bingo

The game is fun. If a guy approaches you and you know the costume, then everyone else drinks, and if you don’t know and someone else points out the outfit, he’s safe, and rest everyone drinks.

Social Media Spooky Shots

If you can’t live without your phones and social media, then this one is a perfect game for you and your friends. Set a timer of 30 seconds and make rules about the game as if someone wears so and so dress, you take a sip. If you see a couple Halloween costume, you take a drink. You can edit the rules as per your desire.

Beer Pong With Eyeballs

It’s a basic game for Halloween, just like a Cheese pizza in Pizza. Hit up a local store near you and buy eyeball ping pong and some plastic cups, and you are good to go.

Here were some suggestions about the Halloween Drinking Games that can be played this Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!

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