Shocking!! Gun Machine Kelly Claims that While Talking to Megan Fox on The Phone, He “Snapped” and Attempted Suicide

Gun Machine Kelly Claims that he Attempted Suicide

Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly, has spoken out about his mental health, admitting that he once tried to kill himself while talking to Megan Fox, his future wife.

Gun Machine Kelly Claims that he Attempted Suicide

The musician said in his documentary Life in Pink, which had its debut on Monday, that he experienced a dark period in 2020 following the passing of his father. “In order to get rid of everything, I flew to my father’s residence. My neighbor and I had this really strange encounter where he told me all these things that I didn’t want to hear “Recalled MGK.

“That made me feel even worse because I was unable to put the incident behind me. When I refused to leave my room, it became extremely, extremely, extremely dark “Added he.

The 32-year-old went on to say: “When Megan left for Bulgaria to film a movie, I suddenly developed a pretty bizarre phobia. Like, I kept having crazy thoughts that I was going to be killed. A shotgun was constantly next to my bed when I went to sleep, and one day I freaking snapped.”

The Papercuts singer continued, “I called Megan and I was like, ‘You aren’t here for me.'” “I’m freaking out on her in my room, and I put the shotgun barrel in my mouth while shrieking on the phone and screaming into the phone. When I try to cock the shotgun, the shell just jams as the bullet rises. Megan is practically silent.”

Gun Machine Kelly Claims that he Attempted Suicide

His attempt at suicide proved to be a turning point, and MGK described how he came to the realization that his mental health was “not right.” This epiphany, together with Megan’s and his 12-year-old daughter’s encouragement, enabled him to proceed.

“They simultaneously attacked me with the attitude of wanting to peer into my eyes. I don’t want to communicate with you anymore via a veil. I want to see you as my father and as my future husband,” she said “The performer remembered, mentioning his tense relationship with narcotics. I thought, “I need to stop using narcotics for good this time.

He continued: “For me, Megan began to represent the sun, the source of life and growth around which I revolve. It’s similar to every fairytale that you were never taught or told in school. As the chemistry between us is supernatural. I’m sure I’ve met her in a lot of prior lifetimes.”

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