Guide To Plan A Dreamy Wedding In Goa – Briefy Explained

Plan a dreamy wedding in Goa
Plan a dreamy wedding in Goa

Goa’s stunning coastline, complete with picture-perfect hotels and resorts, unique food, lively restaurants, and peaceful beaches, makes for a picture-perfect setting for a wedding. Whether you envision your wedding in a luxury hotel with a sea view or on the sand, this seaside town offers the setting and beauty to make it a reality. You and your guests can take advantage of the many activities and excursions that Goa has to offer during the downtime between the ceremony and the reception if you choose to have your wedding there.

People fall in love with the trend of destination weddings in India, which has caught on among the country’s millennial population. Weddings at exotic locations are a wonderful way to mark a fresh beginning. Destination weddings are on the wish lists of nearly all modern brides and grooms. Goa is a common choice for many Indian couples as the site of their wedding. Many engaged couples choose Goa as their wedding location because of its enormous allure and reputation as the world’s greatest party destination.

Choose An Ideal Banquet Hall Location

Guide to plan a dreamy wedding in Goa

Weddings in Goa can take place in either North Goa or South Goa. Several banquet halls, five-star hotels and resorts may be found in North Goa, whereas their number is much greater in South Goa. Indoor and outdoor ceremony sites are available at each of Goa’s five-star hotels and resorts. The coastline is lined with hotels and resorts, providing the ideal backdrop for a fairytale wedding. In addition, there are plenty of beachside eateries and shacks that may host a lavish wedding reception. Decide on the type of banquet hall you wanna book according to your guest list and theme and then book the best budget banquet hall in Goa that also suits your needs. You can even book a lavish wedding banquet hall online!

Plan Out The Wedding Decor Prior

The total cost of decorating for a wedding’s many activities could run into tens of thousands of dollars. You can save money on the wedding’s decorations if you use multipurpose pieces, such as lighting, flowers, and a photo booth. The truth is that wedding decorations are one area where expenditures can be managed. The cost of the wedding can be reduced by using minimal decorations for the pre-wedding events. Her events are jazzed up with elements from Goan beach weddings, such as Ferris wheels, picture booths, a vintage, wacky yellow scooter as a prop, hats, birdcages, flowers, and simple banners.

List Out The Best Suppliers Around

You can have your entire wedding in one convenient location when you get married in a resort or hotel in Goa. This includes having your guests stay at the same place as you and your new spouse. The wedding planning staff will accommodate your every need, whether you want a simple ceremony or a grand affair, Indian classical music or live jazz, a drape theme or a floral theme.

Calculate An Average Cost For Estimation

Goa is a wonderful place to hold a wedding as a guest of honour, although it can be a bit pricey. How much you spend on your wedding will be determined by how extravagant your ceremony and reception will be. A wedding in a five-star hotel in Goa for 100 to 150 guests may cost between 20 and 35 lakhs. The banquet hall will account for the bulk of your budget, between 50 and 60 percent, followed by the reception’s table settings, food, and photographs. A low-cost option is to travel during the off-season and stay in a nearby hotel.

Discuss The Wedding Season And Time

A wedding in Goa, with its glittering skyline, picturesque landscapes, swaying palms, and gorgeous sunset and sea waves, is a perfect choice for the cooler months of October through April. Monsoon nuptials have recently become all the rage. The best season for a monsoon wedding is between June and September. The wedding will not be picture perfect, though, due to the persistent rain that will fall for days on end.

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