Grip Clean Shark Tank: What Happened to Grip Clean Soap After $85,000 Shark Tank Deal?

grip clean shark tank

What Is Grip Clean?

A natural hand cleaner made from plants called Grip Clean was developed with athletes, active families, and active individuals in mind. It is simple to use and comes in a handy bottle.

The product is made without the use of any harsh chemicals. Dirt is a result of the Grip Clean process. This soap is produced with only organic ingredients. Grip Olive oil, coconut oil, muck, and grime make up clean hand soap. It’s a great bar of hand soap and scrub.

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The first biologically derived hand soap created for industrial use is called Grip Clean. There is a not-so-secret, but seemingly counterintuitive, ingredient: dirt!

Company Name Grip Clean
Entrepreneur Bryce Hudson
Product Products that are oil-cutting, grease-cutting, and are designed to clean hands
Investment Asking For $85,000 For 20% equity in Grip Clean
Final Deal $85,000 For 35% equity in Grip Clean
Shark Lori Greiner
Episode  Season 7 Episode 8
Business Status In Business

Who Is the Founder of Grip Clean?

Bruce Hudson, the company’s founder, and current CEO established Grip Clean. The majority of Bryce’s time was spent riding or maintaining motorcycles. He was a motocross competitor before he was known as the Soap Boy.

Bryce Hudson is a well-known X Games athlete who is well-known for his love of motorcycles and his involvement in the competition. Bryce has learned that because of the nature of working with bikes, he has trouble getting grease and oil off of his hands.

Bryce smeared his hands in mud to hide the grease on his hands, which caused him to lose concentration time and time again. He thus had a brilliant idea. To help others in a similar predicament, he created a hand washing product.

Bryce is aware that his numerous injuries will eventually force him to leave the X Games. He is working hard to make the company successful and is confident in its future. Bryce claimed that in order to succeed in the US market, Grip Clean needed to have more than simply an attractive personal profile.

To start his own firm, he required more money and connections with potential suppliers and distributors. To secure the money he required to expand his business, he went to Shark Tank.

Before Shark Tank, Clean Your Hands

Bryce Hudson is well-known for his involvement in the X Games and his love of motorcycles. Grip Clean was created as a result of Bryce’s love of motorbikes and the exceedingly dirty hands he frequently acquired when working with them.

He noticed that handling bikes left his hands incredibly oily and dirty, making them challenging to clean. To get the grease off his hands, Bryce frequently smeared them in mud.

Then he saw he might develop a product to help people in similar circumstances. Contrary to many other soaps made to remove thick oil, Grip clean is a completely natural solution devoid of harsh chemicals. The magic of Grip Clean is in the way that its solution dissolves grime. The soap is completely organic, according to Bryce, and contains “the best that nature has to offer.”

Even though Bryce is only 25 years old, he has already sustained numerous injuries, which means he won’t be able to continue competing in the X Games. Bryce is driven to see the company flourish because he sees it as a tool for achieving his goals. Bryce realized that his profile wouldn’t be sufficient to launch Grip Clean in the US market.

The entrepreneur also required contracts with suppliers and distributors, financial backing, and business savvy. So, he turned to Shark Tank in the hopes that one of the sharks would provide him with all the assistance he need.

How Did Grip Clean’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Grip Clean’s founder, Bryce Hudson, appeared on Shark Tank and asked for an investment of $85,000 in exchange for a 20% interest in the company. In exchange for a 35 percent ownership in Grip Clean, Lori Greiner provided $85,000.

Bryce announces a DEAL!

Final Agreement: Lori Greiner agreed to contribute $85,000 in exchange for a 35% stock stake in Grip Clean.

What Occurred with Grip Clean Following Shark Tank?

Even though they only recently reached a deal with Lori, Bryce and Grip Clean are already launching the product. A variety of pack sizes for Grip Clean are available, including useful wall-mountable canisters for garages.

Since the Shark Tank episode aired, Grip Clean has received increased media attention as well as several favorable reviews from customers. With Lori on board, Grip Clean will prosper and expand. Another effective shark tank cleaning product is this one.

Following its appearance on the show, Grip Clean sold a significant amount of its goods as a result of the Shark Tank impact. The agreement between Lori and Grip, however, never came to fruition for an unspecified reason.

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Bryce was successful in reaching agreements with distributors all around the country. Grip Clean is currently available through their website and even on Amazon as of 2022. With $3 million in annual revenue, Grip Clean is still operating.

Is Grip Clean Still in Business?

Since making an appearance on Shark Tank, the Grip Clean product range has expanded. The business now offers a counter-top, half-gallon dispenser ($89.99), and a wall-mounted, gallon dispenser.

In February 2017, Hudson joined with Advance Auto Parts (and CarQuest), the largest supplier of automotive parts and accessories, and Grip Clean collaborated with Cycle Gear, the largest retailer of motorcycle clothes, parts, and accessories in the nation. Yes, as of 2022, Grip Clean has $3 million in yearly revenue.

What Is Grip Clean’s Net Worth?

Grip Clean was valued at $425,000 when it made its appearance on Shark Tank. As of 2022, Grip Clean has a $3 million net worth.

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