Goat Speaker Shark Tank: What Happened to Goat Speaker After Shark Tank Pitch? Check Here for updates!

Goat Shark Tank

Michelle Winowich wants the Sharks to invest in her GOAT (Greatest of all time) pet speaker when she pitches the product in episode 908. The speaker is just one of the products Winowich sells on her GOAT Pet Products website she started to bring customers “the Greatest Of All-time pet products for the best price!” The speaker is what she’s pitching tonight, and it’s a hit with pet lovers everywhere.

Each speaker (they have them for dogs, cats, and birds) is a small, pet-shaped blue-tooth that enables the device. You can clip it to your dog’s collar. With the accompanying app, you can stream soothing music to your pet. There’s also a selfie feature for snapping doggy selfies and a dog (or cat) date organizing calendar in there too. The most popular (and funny) feature lets pet owners upload a “voice” for their pet into the speaker. You can record as many responses in the “voice” as you want and the speaker will answer you when you ask it questions.

Each GOAT Pet Speaker costs $44.95. As of October 2017, they’re available at every Petsmart in the USA and Canada. Did a Shark help with that

What are Goat Pet Products?

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based company GOAT Pet Items is known for developing a line of products that give dogs and cats a voice.

These collars have a tiny speaker built-in that may be used to stream audio from a smartphone to the pet’s ears (and, presumably, Bluetooth).

To make the pet “talk,” users can record messages and have them played back to the pet using the associated software. It stands for “Greatest of all time,” and that’s exactly what the “G.O.A.T” stands for.

The entrepreneur claims to have founded multiple pet businesses prior to G.O.A.T. It costs $44.95 to buy a GOAT Pet Speaker. Since October of last year, they’ve been available at every Petsmart in the United States and Canada.

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Who Is the Goat Pet Products Founder?

Bloomfield Hills pet business dives into ABC's 'Shark Tank' Sunday

GOAT Pet Products is owned by Michelle Winowich. As a branch manager and sales manager, she gained a wealth of experience in the pet industry prior to launching her own business in 2016.

She said that while working as a manager at a pet store, she conceived the idea for the speaker. Her husband urged her to keep it to herself, so she finally formed the company with a family member in 2016.

 What Happened To Goat Pet Speaker After Shark Tank Deal

Amazon.com: G.O.A.T. Bluetooth Pet Speaker - Black Cat - Shark Tank Winner 2018!

G.O.A.T. Pet Products is the company behind The G.O.A.T. Pet Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a speaker that clips to the collar of your dog, cat, or bird. Using the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker app, the pet owner can give his/her pet a “voice” by typing in or recording what you want your pet to say in a Siri-like voice, or the pet can just play music while out on a walk.

The entrepreneur behind G.O.A.T. Pet Products is “Princess” Michelle Winowich. She wore a princess costume when she pitched her business on Shark Tank in January 2018. She went into the Tank seeking an investment of $499,000 in exchange for 9 percent equity. She made a deal with animal lover Robert Herjavec — $499,000 for 33 percent.

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Goat Pet Speaker Shark Tank Updates

The Shark Tank Blog provides regular updates and follow-ups on entrepreneurs featured on the Shark Tank TV show. It was never finalized with Robert. The items are still available for purchase on Amazon. Some new products have been added to her collection. As of recently, she also sells organic dog shampoo and conditioner.

One hundred percent of her profits from the sale of goat milk dog treats are donated to organizations helping people with disabilities in the United States. The company began selling PPE and sanitizing wipes wholesale during the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic. At the end of December 2021, the company is still operating, bringing in about $1 million a year.


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