Gigi Hadid Baby
Gigi Hadid Baby

Gigi Hadid Baby Photos On Halloween With Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were into Halloween mode on Saturday and shared the very first picture of Gigi Hadid Baby with whole family, i.e., Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik, and their little daughter. The recently became parents couple announced the news of a girl’s birth in September and posted a photo of the sweet family.

Hadid, who is 25, and Zayn Malik, who is 27, posted a picture of their Halloween costumes in which Hadid was wearing a skin-tight blue bodysuit, Zayn Malik was dressed as a member of the Slytherin group from the movie Harry Potter. He was in the arms of Daddy and was dressed as The Incredible Hulk.

Gigi Hadid Baby Photo With Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid Baby
Gigi Hadid Baby

The supermodel also posted a picture of the family in her Instagram story with an animated sticker that says Happy Halloween.
Hadid and Zayn are yet to disclose the name of the baby girl, and fans are eagerly waiting to hear the newborn’s name. They recently had their first date night after becoming parents. Hadid even said that her baby was with her when she cast her vote in the elections.

“I voted absentee last week with my daughter next to me, for an America I want her to see; but not just for us- for fellow Americans that are less privileged, with hope for a nation that is unified, that is empathetic, & for a leader that is compassionate,”

She wrote the above quote and a photo of her sporting a T-Shirt that says the vote on 24th October. That was the first snap that Gigi Hadid Baby photo after becoming a mom.

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