Gary Owen Divorce: Did Actor Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Requests $44,000 per Month in Support?

gary owen divorce

Kenya Duke, the ex-wife of comedian Gary Owen, is requesting spousal support from him in the amount of $44,000 per month.

American actor and stand-up comedian Gary Cameron Owens was born on July 26, 1974. His major break came in 1997 on Black Entertainment Television’s stand-up variety show Comic View after winning the title of “Funniest Serviceman in America.” Following this screen debut, Owen went on to star in the movies Daddy Day Care, Little Man, and College.

After playing at specific events like Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam Tour and hosting on the cable channel BET, he developed a sizable African-American fan base. He appeared in The Gary Owen Show, a BET television program, in 2016.

Personal Life:

Cincinnati, Ohio, is where Owen was born. Along with his six siblings, he grew up in a trailer park in Oxford. Kenya Duke, Owen’s wife, and he were wed in 2003. Austin and Kennedy are their two children together, while Kenya also has a son named Emilio from a prior relationship. Kenya, Owen’s wife, filed for divorce in late March 2021.

 Gary Owen and Kenya Duke Divorce Reason:

gary owen divorce

Duke, 46, who initially requested a divorce in March, is now alleging that Owen, also 46, has ceased providing for her and their three children and has not responded to her texts questioning their finances. Duke initially filed for divorce in March.

Duke states in the filing, “While I was trying to come to an amicable resolution with my husband… he has regrettably left me with little alternative except to file this RFO for Support.” “I’ve been married to Gary for more than 17 years. I gave up my promising account management profession 23 years ago so that I could support Gary and his career alone.”

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Duke continues by saying that although Owen “has always financially supported” her and the kids, she was in charge of taking care of the bill-paying. She says, “Gary made monthly installments in the amount of $44,000 that I would use to pay for all our bills, credit cards, and personal expenditures for myself and the kids.

gary owen divorce

Never miss a story again; subscribe to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to receive the best of the magazine’s content, including juicy celebrity news and gripping human interest tales. “I am asking that Gary be required to continue making the monthly installments of $44,000 as that has been our status quo for roughly four (4) years,” she writes, “as well as a lump-sum payment of $88,000 for the last two months he has neglected to supply me with monies.”

Duke asserts that Owen is refusing to reply to her texts “to try and work out a solution for the payment of our household debt” and mentions that even during the pandemic, he consistently makes between $200,000 and $400,000.

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Duke says, “There is no reason why Gary should not continue to provide assistance as he has throughout our marriage. Gary has been the sole provider for the last twenty-three plus years and continues to generate a large amount of money (even during Covid).

Thomas Middleditch Was Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife Mollie Gates $2.6 Million in a Divorce Settlement She adds that in order to pay off the family’s American Express credit card debt as well as some other bills, she had to borrow $20,000 from a family acquaintance.

Duke adds, “As that has been the status quo for the previous four (4) years, I respectfully beg the Court to order Gary to provide me Financial Support in the sum of $44,000 monthly.”

“Until we can come to a permanent agreement, I will continue to pay our payments on a monthly basis. Having to text Gary twice a month to request money is embarrassing and upsetting to me

“Finally, she says. “I’m quite afraid and anxious since he doesn’t answer those texts, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. I also ask Gary to provide $50,000 toward my legal expenses because I do not have any further income or financial resources to pay Gary’s legal bills beyond what I have already paid via credit card, which I have not yet paid off.”

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