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6 French Shows To Stream on Netflix

French Shows To Stream on Netflix

French Shows To Stream on Netflix

There is no doubt that speaking a number of languages is an advantage. How about adding the always-popular French language into the mix? Proven ways to learn French are courses – frontal or with online tutors, apps, and of course actually moving to French speaking countries. In addition to those, there’s a fun way to polish and enhance your French language skills: watching French shows on Netflix! The streaming giant has got all the amazing French TV series and films from comedies, gripping dramas, and intriguing detective shows. 

Here are our top picks: 

1. Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent)

Call My Agent

Call My Agent is a French TV series that started last 2018. It’s currently ongoing with four seasons, drama and comedy as the main genres of Dix Pour Cent. This French show narrates the professional and personal struggles of four agents working in the same French Talent Agency. The fans love Dix Pour Cent because it features several famous French celebrities doing certain cameo roles per episode. 

2. The Chalet (Le Chalet)

The Chalet

The Chalet or Le Chalet is a French thriller series that ran for a single season with six episodes last 2017 to 2018. It features two timelines: 2007 and 2017. The 2007 timeline featured a family moving to the French Alps to start anew. Meanwhile, the 2017 timeline featured a group of friends who returned to the French Alps to attend a wedding. 

Additionally, the main plot of this dark miniseries is the characters suddenly disappearing with a serial killer on the loose and the memories of the past resurfacing. It has various twists and turns that will make you want to binge-watch the entire season. 

3. Twice Upon A Time (Il Y Était Une Seconde Fois)

Twice Upon A Time

If you fancy drama series, Twice Upon A Time or Il Y Était Une Seconde Fois is a mini-series you might want to start watching. Twice Upon A Time was released last 2019 and only featured 4 episodes. This French TV show features a young couple who separated after being deeply in love 

The plot thickens when Vincent (the male lead) comes across a box that allows him to time travel and fix everything he can with Louise (the female lead). 

4. Lupin 


Lupin is one of the trendings shows on Netflix that became popular worldwide after airing last year. It’s a thriller series that narrates the story of Assane Diop, the only son of Senegal, an immigrant. He was inspired by Arsene Lupin, a French literary character, and decided to become a professional thief. 

The plot revolves around Diop’s revenge for his father, unjustly vindicated and killed by a wealthy family. Lupin currently has 2 seasons with five episodes each, with fans awaiting its comeback for the third season. 

5. Family Business

Family Business

A combination of drama and comedy, Family Business narrates the story of Joseph, a failed entrepreneur. He decided to convert the kosher butcher shop of his father into a dispensary for cannabis when he received news that France finally legalized marijuana. This unique French TV series aired in 2019 and ended last year, having 3 seasons and 18 episodes. 

6. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris

Finally, how could we ever forget Emily in Paris? Even though it’s not a French series, this chill English series was filmed in a French setting, where Emily (Lily Collins) adjusted and adapted to life in Paris. It also involved a group of the French film crew. Emily in Paris gives you a rush of excitement as you go the extra mile and achieve your ultimate dream. 

Great French Shows on Netflix

With various French shows on Netflix, you can certainly hone your French language skills and understand what you’re watching without needing any English subtitles! Additionally, these shows feature unique plots and storylines that will certainly get you hanging around for more. 

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