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Frameri Shark Tank Updates: What Happened To Them After Shark Tank?

frameri shark tank

Frameri \sframeri In Shark Tank episode 626, Konrad Billetz and Kevin Habich want to close a transaction for Frameri, their eyewear startup with movable lenses and frames. After a buddy injured him in the eye with a BB pistol when he was eleven, Billetz, the founder and CEO of Frameri, began wearing glasses. He had grown disappointed with his options for glasses over the years, so he started a company to tackle the problem.

Frameri glasses are fundamental “component-based.” You may buy lenses and frames individually, and the lenses can be swapped out for other frames depending on the aesthetic you want. Although it appears to be a simple notion, glasses had to be purchased “pre-assembled” for many years. The frames for Frameri are created in a tiny, family-owned business in Italy, while the lenses are made in Cincinnati. Each lens is UV-protected, scratch-resistant, and equipped with both an Anti-Reflective (AR) and an Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) coating. Each pair of frames and lenses costs $100.

The firm began with a $750K venture funding round in June 2014. The most difficult task they have is informing customers about how simple it is to change lenses. Frameri is likely seeking a Shark to fund inventory and offer some advice because eyeglasses are such an inventory-driven industry.

Can the Frameri Brothers Persuade The Sharks To Invest and Share Their Vision?

Recap of the Frameri Shark Tank
Konrad and Kevin come in with a $150,000 offer for a 3.5 percent stake in Frameri. They founded the firm to make it simple to switch out eyewear designs. They show how simple it is to replace the lenses and then offer out their merchandise. Each set of six pairs of glasses costs $500.

Daymond inquires as to why they place such a high value on the firm. Kevin believes they might be crushed by a large manufacturer. Lori believes the patent has already been filed. The men show off their virtual reality try-on capability. They say the frames will set you back $27 and the lenses will set you back $10. They’ve made $70,000 in pre-order purchases, so Daymond believes they’re simply in the Tank for the publicity.

Konrad and Kevin claim they’ve come to work out a bargain. Lori is concerned about the fact that they have no prior experience with the goods. The men are looking for assistance in developing a brand. Kevin is curious as to how much money they have on hand, and they have roughly $38K every month for the next 24 months.

Daymond leaves the house. Lori likes the spectacles, but not the risky aspect of the company; she’s out. Robert enjoys the goods, but not their level of experience, therefore he’s leaving. Mark is concerned about where the company’s worth could go, and he wants to know where its customers are coming from. They say they’ll do a lot of PR, but Mark believes their approach isn’t detailed enough, so he’s out.

Kevin claims that he can assist in lowering client acquisition costs. He’ll lend them $150,000. Frameri keeps 3.5 percent equity and repays his $25 for each customer till Kevin recoups $450K. The lads refuse the offer because they don’t want to give up royalties, causing Kevin to scream, “You’re dead to me.”

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Update on the Frameri Shark Tank
The Shark Tank Blog is updated on a regular basis with news and follow-ups on entrepreneurs who have participated on the Shark Tank television show. In March of 2017, the two guys closed the firm and went on to establish new ventures.

UPDATE: Frameri is No Longer in Operation.

Frameri frames and lenses transform your eyeglasses into your most customized accessory. Frameri offers fantastic, adaptable style at affordable rates by being designed to fit any face with lenses that are easy to snap in and out of place.

Konrad Billetz, the founder of Frameri, has worn glasses since he was 11 years old when a BB gun accident nearly blinded him. After years of dealing with the headaches of changing prescriptions and acquiring new frames, he questioned why the one accessory that is so deeply ingrained in your clothing and personal style is the most difficult to change. He created Frameri in order to find an answer to that question.

Frameri now provides a wide range of fashionable frames in four distinct collections that are tailored to your face shape and preferences. They have a wide range of lens options, including non-prescription clear lenses, prescription progressive lenses, and everything in between. At no extra charge, you’ll get excellent anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings with every pair.

It’s very simple to get started using Frameri. Simply go through the available frames on the website and select your favorites. With their virtual try-on tool, you can see which pairings flatter your face by using your camera to produce a video that you can share with friends and family at any time. Pick your lenses and check out once you’ve made your decision. Shipping is free, and you have 30 days to return or exchange your purchases, which makes try-one at home a snap.

Frameri prioritizes quality and elegance above everything else. They hand-fashion all of their frames in a tiny, family-owned Milan facility using excellent Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate, providing long-lasting shine and form retention. The ultra-lightweight lenses provide 100 percent UV protection, as well as impact resistance and protection against digital screen eye strain. Begin now to see oneself in a fresh, fashionable way.

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