First-Ever Emmy Nominations for “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas” and “Bill Burr Comedy” for Roku Originals

First-Ever Emmy Nominations for "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" and "Bill Burr Comedy" for Roku Originals

Roku, a streaming service, has formally received its first Emmy nominations.

The rom-com film “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas” received two Emmy nominations for choreography for scripted programming and television movies, while Bill Burr received a nomination for acting in a short-form comedy or drama series for the comedy anthology series “Immoral Compass.”

First-Ever Emmy Nominations for "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" and "Bill Burr Comedy" for Roku Originals

After NBC cancelled the primetime musical comedy series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” after two seasons, Roku purchased the streaming rights to “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas” from Lionsgate. Additionally, the initial setting of “Immoral Compass” was Quibi, a bankrupt mobile streaming service whose assets Roku acquired in January 2021 for less than $100 million.

Despite the fact that both programmes were rescued efforts, the Roku Channel’s Emmy nominations are a victory for the business as it fights for consumers’ attention and takes on bigger streamers with multibillion-dollar budgets.

Creator and author of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas,” Austin Winsberg, stated in a statement after the Emmy nominations, “Wow! Such a significant and surprising honour! I’d want to thank the Emmy voters. We are grateful to the amazing cast and crew who worked so quickly to put this film together.

We are grateful to our fantastic friends at Lionsgate for continuing to support and believe in Zoey. And thank you to our Roku friends and supporters for providing us with a home and enabling Zoey to carry on with her remarkable journey! At this very time, melodies are flowing from my heart.

First-Ever Emmy Nominations for "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" and "Bill Burr Comedy" for Roku Originals

Last year, Roku was sort of consideration for an Emmy. Reno 911!, “Die Hart,” and “Mapleworth Murders,” three of Quibi’s costly original programmes, each received eight short-form 2021 Emmy nominations, although Quibi was where they first aired before Roku moved them to the Roku Channel.

J.B. Smoove, who played Chief Billy Bills in “Mapleworth Murders,” was the only contender to take home the award for actor in a short-form comedy or drama series the previous year. Smoove and Melissa Fumero, who both feature in the upcoming Netflix comedy “Blockbuster,” announced the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations on Tuesday.

Smoove opened the Livestream with a joke about his Emmy triumph. The joke: Fumero seemed to be confused when Smoove stated he was thrilled to announce the 2022 nominees with “two of my favourite people in Hollywood.” Smoove then clarified by removing his Emmy trophy from behind his back.

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