Firefox To Establish Itself Due To Microsoft Edge’s Small Mistakes

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

In recent times Microsoft has done a lot of changes in the digital world. One of them is their browser which is a Chromium-based browser, and the name is Microsoft Edge.

With Internet Explorer being out of competition, Edge has turned out to be a flagship, and the term flagship is justifying due to its market shares.

According to Statcounter, with such increasing market value, Edge will soon overcome their rival Mozilla Firefox.

Even though the share value of Firefox is more than Edge, but the value has remained stable for the past 12 months.

By the start of 2021, it is predicted that Microsoft Edge is going to overtake Mozilla soon. The growth of the browser has grown steadily since April.

Microsoft Edge First Stable Update

Microsoft Edge First Update

It started in January with his first stable update. The first few months were to gain stability, and since April, it has gained popularity in the market.

Edge is the fastest growing browser in the market. It started from 0.44% to 2.85% in the last six months. From June to July only, Edge has gained 0.8% rise in the market. In the last three months, Edge has managed to gain 0.3% approximately every month.

Edge has delivered a lot of new features that include secure password generator, in-built price comparison tool, screenshot capture facility and scrolling tab bar.

The new feature is under experiment, which is called a start-up boost. It can boost up the speed of the process of leading windows 10 desktop or taskbar.
Although Edge has managed to gain popularity, it is still not enough as the major holder of the market is Chrome with 66.12%. The main thing is that the major users are from the users of Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

The growth till now is impressive, but to gain more popularity in the market, Edge will have to compete with the big fishes like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Let’s keep an eye on the improvement of this new browser.

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