Father Figure Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Father Figure after Shark Tank?

father figure shark tank

What Is Father Figure?

A company called Father Figure sells fashionable and functional clothing for new fathers. The clothing and accessory line from the paternity wear brand, which includes bandana burp cloths and denim shirts, is intended to “support and encourage parents.”

Among the products offered are a bandana burp cloth, a water bottle, a Luca t-shirt, and a Booker denim shirt. Father Figure is a father fashion brand that was founded and is led by Andrew Bentley.

father figure shark tank

In addition, a father figure can help establish boundaries between mother and kid, encourage cooperation and a sense of gender identity, provide a window into the wider world, and open up chances for both idealization and pragmatic problem-solving.

Who Is the Founder of Father Figure?

Father Figure is a father fashion brand that was founded and is led by Andrew Bentley. When Bentley’s wife was expecting, he didn’t appear to find anything that particularly appealed to him as a prospective father. After taking a leave of absence from his job to care for his newborn child, he discovered that companies that catered to new parents didn’t do much to support dads.

father figure shark tank

Although millennial men are substantially more involved in raising their children than prior generations, Bentley quickly realized that fathers were frequently ignored and launched Father Figure.

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Bentley believed that dads should be treated equally when it comes to clothing after ten years at Google. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch his clothing business. American manufacturers made the apparel. There are currently three products available: a denim shirt with plush moleskin shoulders, a t-shirt with an extra shoulder cushion, and a burp cloth made of muslin cotton in the style of a bandana.

The clothing is made with both baby’s comfort and the dad’s style in mind. In addition to working with Fathers Incorporated, a national “responsible parenting NGO” that teaches and works on issues relating to contemporary fatherhood, Bentley founded the organization as a public benefit company.

What Happened to Father Figure at Shark Tank Pitch?

Andrew Bentley looks for a partner for Father Figure, his “lifestyle business for parents” in Shark Tank episode 2 season 9. In order to collaborate with and help him grow his firm, Andrew is looking for a shark.

In his Shark Tank presentation, Andrew asks for $80,000 in exchange for a $533,333 (15%) share in his company. He invites two fathers and their young children, which has the desired result of calming down the Sharks.

Over the infants, the parents don Sharks costumes, with the exception of Kevin. After the quick fashion show, it was time to get to work. In the previous 11 months, Andrew says he has generated about $33,000 in revenue. When they learned that all but $2500 of the sales came from the Kickstarter campaign, the Sharks’ initial excitement quickly subsided.

Daymond asks about the price and worries that the denim shirt, which retails for $128, only costs $76 to create. The first to resign is Lori, who cites Daymond’s concerns. Mark continues by stating that in his opinion, Andrew has not shown a requirement. There is nothing here, it’s going to zero, Kevin said as he left in Mr. Wonderful mode.

Daymond went out as well since he was worried that a “Google person” wouldn’t be able to sell his own products online. Although Sarah wasn’t sure what paternity wear was for, she left the house as well. After some time, Andrew exited the pitch without an agreement.

What Happened to Father Figure After Shark Tank?

father figure shark tank

Shark Tank founder Andrew Bentley felt hollow and unsure of how to move forward when the company was unable to get a transaction. However, the publicity led to an increase in sales, which Andrew found personally satisfying and motivated him to keep working for the company.

For a while, he remained dedicated and advanced in growth, but due to his responsibilities as a father and a family man, he was finally constrained in the amount of time and effort he could give to the company.

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As a result, Father Figure’s production came to an end at the beginning of 2018, and its official website is no longer accessible. In July 2019, this business ceased operations. At the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Performance Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andrew holds the position of Project Leader.

Net Worth of Father Figure:

The company was valued at $533,333 both during and after the pitch; however, since the company shut down in 2019, it is impossible to determine its current net worth.

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