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On September 14, the Fire OB36 upgrade is anticipated to become live. This theory is supported by the facts that Clash Squad Season 14 will end on September 15 and that the majority of the game’s prior patches were published the day before the season’s ‘ranked’ conclusion.

You must keep in mind that Advance Server is not a worldwide official update. In actuality, it’s more of a chance for engineers to conduct beta testing. Players can test out new features on these cutting-edge servers and give developers feedback.

Before official updates are officially released globally, developers use this feedback and make the necessary adjustments. You can play Garena Free Fire OB36 and wait for the update despite the fact that the game is prohibited in India by the Indian government.

Users in India shouldn’t be concerned about finding the OB36 Advance Server APK there. The Advance Server APK download is a customized version that anyone anywhere in the world can install, unlike the program that is offered in the Google Play store.

Free Fire Server Advance Registration

Players must only register on the official Free Fire website in order to get the OB36 APK file.

Only those who have an FF Advance Server Code are able to register. Players won’t be able to sign up for the new server without the code. Below is a description of how to register and log in to the FF Advance Server.

The user must first go to the Free Fire game’s official website, ff-advance.ff.garena.com.

You can now choose to sign in using your Facebook account. To access the FF Advance Server download page, click that link.

Your entire name, email address, and phone number must now be entered, among other information.

When you have completed and submitted all the necessary information, the “Join Now” option will appear on your screen. To pre-register for FF Advanced Server, click the link.


Access to the Fire Advanced Server for Free in 2022

Readers who are interested in learning how to obtain cutting-edge servers should without a doubt look here. We have outlined the procedures in the paragraphs below so that you can access FF Advanced Server:

Start the process by going to https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/, the official Garena Free Fire website.

And on that page, the FF Portal main page will open.

You will now see two options, Facebook Login and Google Login, as you scroll further down the page.

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Choices for Advanced Server Login for Free

  • A new page will load after selecting any of the aforementioned options.
  • And then input the login ID that you used to create the FF id.
  • You then need to fill out and submit all the necessary information
  • An activation code will be given once registration has been completed.
  • advance server activation code for Facebook
  • Install Free Free Advance now on the appropriate device.
  • Install it after downloading, then enter the activation code.
  • Your ability to utilize Advanced Fire Free Server has been restored.


The free fire advance server game, which offers players various advantages, was introduced by Free Fire Garena Company. The gamers will have the chance to engage in royal combat. The advance rings of Free Fire


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