Former “Teen Mom” Star Farrah Abraham Enters a Not-Guilty Plea to Violence Charges!!

‘Teen Mom’ alum Farrah Abraham pleads not guilty to battery charge

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Private Life:

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Farrah Abraham Pleads Not Guilty to Battery Charge:

Since 1999, Thomas and his wife have taken a motorcoach across America to get from one court session to the next. Farrah Abraham insists she is innocent. The former “Teen Mom” star, who was detained back in January, has pleaded not guilty to a violence allegation stemming from a fight in a nightclub.

 Farrah Abraham  According to Page Six, the 31-year-old reality personality entered a not guilty plea and official written arraignment on June 23. On June 2, she was first charged with two charges of violence against a security guard by the name of Megan Armstrong. However, upon her arraignment, the charge of “battery on a police officer” was withdrawn.

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Following a party on January 16, Farrah is said to have smacked Megan during an altercation outside Grandmaster Records in Los Angeles. The reality actress was asked to leave the club due to her belligerence, according to an eyewitness at the moment, but she refused. She risks a year in jail and a $2,000 fine if found guilty.

But Farrah has consistently defended her innocence. In a January interview with E! News, she railed, “I’m weary of being purposely assaulted, attacked, and conspired against while enjoying dinner at Grand Master Records.” This arrest involved a private individual.

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After being struck by a car while walking, “Cheer” Star Maddy Brum feels “Extra Blessed” to be alive. In a viral video, Boosie Badazz defends confronting a man over a woman. On her Instagram page, Farrah also uploaded videos of the incident. She raged as she continued her story “I’ll never be able to comprehend sexism or sexist hatred. I give it to the one who made us all for all the men who want my harm. I ALWAYS CARE FOR WOMEN & MEN EQUALLY.”

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“Why is a man holding me down while I was walking on top of him? He ought to be fired and put in jail for [violence] because this is terrifying, “She captioned a video of a man pushing her to the ground. “I’m sick of people teasing me, stifling me, inflicting me harm, and [lying] about me. It scares me, traumatizes mothers, and makes me feel hurt.”

Additionally, Farrah claimed that she had a reservation for supper at the restaurant. She also claimed to have been hurt during the confrontation. She provided pictures of her injured skin along with the statement, “Bruised and beaten during supper.” “Stop hurting and attacking women.”

 Farrah Abraham

Farrah gave an explanation for her choice to disclose information about her arrest on her Facebook. I post this because no woman or guy should ever be beaten, abused, conspired against, ganged up on, set up, videotaped, and sold on camera, the author wrote.

Farrah emphasized further, “I’ve had a very traumatic year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered. “As a paying customer, I was conspired against and tormented as a single mother. I am grateful to the HOLLYWOOD police for saving me from being imprisoned and attacked; I NEEDED HELP. Even using my phone was impossible.”

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