Fallon Sherrock Net Worth: Professional Darts Player Income, Career and Other Updates!


In the PDC World Championships, Fallon Sherrock, a well-known professional darts player, became the first female to win two straight games.

Fallon is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, which is a description of her physical stature. In addition to having lovely hair in a light blonde tone, Fallon also has stunningly bright blue eyes. She is white in ethnicity. Fallon is incredibly attractive and lovely.

She reached the BDO Ladies World Championship’s final round in 2015. Fallon Sherrock is a Cancer, according to astrology. Due to her actions there, Sherrock earned the title “Queen of the Palace.”

Early Life

Buckinghamshire, England is the place of Fallon Sherrock‘s birth. The parents who raised Fallon are devout Christians. Steve Sherrock is the name of Fallon’s dad. Fallon’s mother’s name is Sue Sherrock. Her birthday, which was in 2021, was 27.

She is of white heritage and belongs to the English nation. Felicia, her identical sister, and a darts player played for England Youth in the 2011 WDF Europe Cup Youth.


She has expressed her appreciation for the “wonderful” response to her momentous victories at the PDC World Darts Championship, as Billie Jean King led a global chorus of lauds.

By winning the Women’s Jersey Open, Fallon Sherrock won the Girls World Masters in 2012. 2013’s Women’s British Classic was where she found triumph.

Before succeeding in the Women’s British Classic in 2013, Sherrock won the Girls World Masters no follow and the Women’s Jersey Open in 2012. She decided to focus on playing darts after completing her A-level exams rather than pursue a degree in forensic science.

She made darts history last week when she became the first female to defeat a male competitor in the sport’s most prestigious competition. On Saturday, she accomplished the same feat by defeating a player who was ranked at the top of the world.


The 25-year-old admitted it was difficult to understand the outpouring of adulation after quitting her profession as a hairdresser and starting the sport when she was 17 years old. Her transformation into a darts legend from a licensed hairdresser is astounding.

Although she has long been a respected player, 2019 saw her emerge as a strong performer, and at the PDC World Championships last week, she solidified that status.

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Net Worth

The estimated value of this well-known dart player in 2022 is $2 million. The career prize money she has received totals £57,758. She is a passionate individual who is committed and hardworking.

Personal Life

One dubious topic on the internet is Fallon Sherrock’s love life. Female married person Fallon Sherrock. In 2014, she gave birth to a gorgeous child named Rory.

Fallon sherrock.

While Fallon has kept her husband private and out of the media, nothing is known about her spouse. The pair is currently living happily and without interruptions. She plays darts with tremendous skill and is a very accomplished player.


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